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Please review some TrueType fonts packages (ipaexfonts-ttf etc.)


I had committed 4 TrueType fonts packages.

* ipaexfonts-ttf
  This package contains 2 fonts: IPAexGothic (Sans Serif), and
  IPAexMincho (Serif). Bath fonts are based on JIS X 0213. These fonts
  contains fixed-width double characters (Kanji etc.), and
  proportional single byte characters (latin-1 etc.).

* ipafonts-ttf
  This package contains 4 fonts: IPAGothic, IPAPGothic, IPAMincho, and
  IPAPMincho. These fonts are also based on JIS X 0213.

* takao-fonts-ttf
  This package contains 6 fonts derived from ipaexfonts-ttf and
  ipafonts-ttf: TakaoExGothic, TakaoExMincho, TakaoGothic,
  TakaoPGothic, TakaoMincho, and TakaoPMincho. These fonts are based
  on JIS X 0123, and some modification.

* ipax0208fonts-ttf
  This package contains 5 fonts: IPAX0208Gothic, IPAX0208PGothic,
  IPAX0208UIGothic, IPAX0208Mincho, and IPAX0208PMincho. These fonts
  are based on JIS X 0218. The license of these fonts are not OSI
  certified but if you does not modify font file and contains license
  file (no English translation), you can freely redistribute them.

Other fonts are released under OSI certified license.

On my machine, JIS X 0213 fonts (ipaexfonts-ttf, ipafonts-ttf, or
takao-fonts-ttf) breaks multimedia/adobe-flash-plugin (just gray box)
and make fc-list tool from emulators/suse100_fontconfig very slow.
But with NetBSD native application (for example, www/firefox,
graphics/gimp, and so on), there are not such problems.

Please review these fonts, and send me comments.

Thank you.

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