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Re: wip/gmp-ecm - reviews wanted

If this package is well known as GMP-ECM, should be
PKGNAME=        gmp-${DISTNAME}

It is usuall sufficient for configure
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=        --with-gmp=${BUILDLINK_PREFIX.gmp}

On Sat, 02 Feb 2008 21:55:35 +0900, Christian Sturm <> 

> Oh, I'm not sure when to add USE_LANGUAGES and LICENSE to the Makefile.
> Should I add them?

You should add c to USE_LANGUAGES if this package require cc to build.
But if GNU_CONFIGURE=yes, c is automatically added to USE_LANGUAGES
because gnu configure usually using c compiler.

LICENSE is required if the package is RESTRICTED to handle.
GMP-ECM's license is GNU GPL/LGPL, so no need to define LICENSE now.

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