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Firefox 1.0 linux binary for NetBSD wanted


I'm trying to get firefox and flash to work on NetBSD/i386, to provide a
usefull workstation to some customers. I need Firefox 1.0, which,
        - afaik has no known vulnerability yet
        - permits customers to install flash using 'install missing plugin'.

Flash works fine with pkgsrc current www/firefox-bin-flash on
NetBSD-2.0/i386, but the licence doesn't allow me to redistribute it on
CD or FTP, and I guess it doesn't allow me to redistribute it on
preconfigured PCs neither.

I guess my only choise is to contribute to pkgsrc-wip, but I'm not sure
I'm experienced enought to start with such an important package :(
Advices would be appreciated. Thanks

P.S. This is how I managed to install version 0.8 w/ flash
        /etc/mk.conf: MOZILLA_USE_LINUX=yes
Then I get a message telling me I need to fetch xf86.rpm myself. While I
didn't found it in the netbsd distfiles, I'm using the irrelevant suse
8.0 xf86.rpm (7.3 wanted) found on
(maybe someone can provide me a link to download the suse 7.3 xf86.rpm
distfile ?)
        setenv NO_CHECKSUM YES
        cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox-bin; make package
then flash,
        cd /usr/pkgsrc/www/firefox-bin-flash; make install


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