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CVS commit: wip/pure

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   jgoamakf
Date:           Wed Mar 27 00:53:26 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/pure: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update pure to 0.56.

Changes from previous:
2012-11-19  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.56 release.

        *, LLVM 3.2 compatibility.

2012-11-13  Albert Graef  <>

        * (pure_str): Alternative str() implementation which
        returns a Pure string instead of a raw C string. We use this in
        primitives.pure now to prevent the memory leaks resulting from
        calling str() directly from Pure.

        * (my_strdup, my_strfree): strdup/free replacements to
        reduce the number of temporary string allocations. This is still

        * (compile_interface): Get rid of bogus warnings
        for abstract (unimplemented) interface types.
        (finalize_interface_rules): Fix detection of empty interfaces.
        This fixes issue #95.

        * lib/prelude.pure, lib/matrices.pure: Fixes to all, any, unzip
        (cf. issue #92 and #93). Also, smatrix accepts a dimension
        argument now like the other matrix construction functions
        (issue #96).

        * lib/primitives.pure: Improved simplifications of partially
        evaluated logical connectives. E.g., both 1&&x and x&&1 give x

2012-11-06  Albert Graef  <>

        * texmacs: Overhaul of TeXmacs plugin.

2012-10-19  Albert Graef  <>

        * (reduce): Fixed a memory leak and resolved a rather
        obscure segfault due to global closures becoming invalidated by a
        recent recompile.

2012-10-16  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: TeXmacs completion support.

2012-10-12  Albert Graef  <>

        *, lexer.ll, Improved readline support: Add
        secondary command input, so that the debugger has its own command

2012-10-08  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure (n..m): Bugfix: For consistency with the
        n1:n2..m case, do a quick check that m-n yields a real value (this
        will fail if n and m don't belong to the same enumerated type,
        in which case we want to leave n..m as a normal form).

        * (exec): Improvements in TeXmacs mode. The REPL
        now temporarily replaces __show__ with __texmacs__ in order to
        allow for custom pretty-printing of expressions in TeXmacs
        mode. (Note that simply redefining __show__ may break applications
        which rely on print representations returned by the `str`

2012-10-04  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/primitives.pure: Rename break, trace to __break__, __trace__
        to prevent naming conflicts. While `break` isn't likely to occur
        in user code, `trace` is commonly used, e.g., as a matrix

2012-10-02  Albert Graef  <>

        * examples/texmacs: Added TeXmacs/LaTeX template contributed by
        Kurt Pagani.

2012-09-28  Albert Graef  <>

        * Use a reasonable default for the advisory stack
        limit so that stack checks are always done by default.

2012-09-27  Albert Graef  <>

        * examples/matrix_inversion.pure: Added matrix inversion example
        by Rob Hubbard, ported from Q to Pure by Jiri Spitz.

        * lexer.ll (docmd): Add -h (help) option to the del, trace and run

2012-09-26  Albert Graef  <>

        * etc/*: Add new break and trace builtins to keyword tables.

        * lib/primitives.pure: New break and trace builtins (see below).

        * New pure_break() and pure_trace() primitives.
        These trigger debugging and tracing when called from a Pure
        program with debugging enabled.

2012-09-24  Albert Graef  <>

        * examples/lu.pure: Example contributed by Johannes Engels.

        * interpreter.hh (interpreter), (exec), lexer.ll
        (lex_input), (pure_debug_rule), (main): Add
        minimal support for texmacs (, per request
        by Kurt Pagani (issue #89).

        * etc/ Add a pure-send-yank command which allows
        to send lines from the kill ring to the interpreter. This works in
        both pure-mode and pure-eval-mode. Also added a new
        pure-send-skip-prompts flag (enabled by default). This causes the
        send commands to preprocess input which looks like a session
        transcript containing both command prompts and results, by
        removing prompts and skipping non-command lines. This is
        convenient, in particular, to send samples of interpreter
        interactions from the online documentation.

2012-09-20  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure, lib/primitives.pure: Declare 'true' and
        'false' as nonfix symbols so that they can be used in patterns.
        Also add a 'bool' type along with a corresponding 'boolp'
        predicate for normalized truth values (0 and 1), and a 'bool'
        function to convert machine integers to normalized truth values.

2012-09-11  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure: Adjust the __do__ macro for generator clauses
        involving patterns (see below).

        * (mklistcomp_expr, mkmatcomp_expr): Add the
        necessary magic to make comprehensions involving patterns filter
        out unmatched generator values automatically, as it is in Haskell.

2012-09-07  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/enum.pure: New enum.pure module which provides some
        convenience functions to facilitate the creation of enumeration
        types. Experimental.

2012-09-06  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure (..): Fix some glitches in the generic
        arithmetic sequences with step size, so that they work with
        general enumerated types.

2012-09-05  Albert Graef  <>

        * (main): Spiffy new logo for the sign-on message. You can
        disable this with the --plain option or by setting the PURE_PLAIN
        environment variable, if you prefer the old sign-on message.

2012-08-22  Albert Graef  <>

        * parser.yy: Uncaught exceptions of mklistcomp_expr/mkmatcomp_expr
        in parser (fixes issue #88 reported by

2012-08-15  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: Cosmetic changes to the parsing of special command
        syntax (fixes issue #84).

2012-08-14  Albert Graef  <>

        * (build_map): 'case' needs a separate FMap root
        for each rule so that the call to FMap::select() in try_rules()
        does the right thing (fixes issue #87 reported by Jim Pryor).

2012-07-17  Albert Graef  <>

        *,,, lexer.ll: Integrated a
        patch by Jim Pryor (with modifications) which allows the escape
        mode command prefix to be specified with the --escape option and
        the PURE_ESCAPE environment variable. Thanks Jim!

2012-07-16  Albert Graef  <>

        * (printx): Bugfix in pretty-printer: Type tags must be
        padded with whitespace if compile time expressions are printed
        with deBruijn annotations (-v2). Otherwise the pretty-printed code
        won't be reparsed correctly, since x/*...*/::y will be parsed as
        x ::y rather than x :: y.

        This bug affected, in particular, test/special.pure. Many of the
        other golden test logs were also updated accordingly.

2012-07-06  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll, parser.yy,,
        Implemented namespace brackets, based on an idea by Yann Orlarey.
        This makes it much more convenient to use embedded domain-specific
        sublanguages in Pure. For instance, you may now write something

        outfix « »;
        namespace faust (« »);

        This means that the namespace 'faust' can now be accessed on the
        fly in expressions like «(a,b,c) : (sin,cos,tan)». The
        subexpression inside the namespace brackets is then parsed by
        temporarily switching to the corresponding namespace. The
        namespace brackets themselves must be a pair of outfix symbols
        which has been declared already, and are removed from the
        resulting expression. This works pretty much like a 'namespace'
        declaration, but only gives access to the public symbols of the
        namespace, and can be used anywhere inside an expression (even on
        the left-hand side of a rule). Nesting these constructs is also

        Also, to accommodate these changes, the declaration syntax is now
        slightly more liberal in that qualified symbols are permitted in
        symbol and namespace declarations. (In the case of symbol and
        'using namespace' declarations, it will also be checked that
        qualified symbols are declared in or imported from the proper
        namespace.) This allows you to write stuff like:

        namespace faust with outfix faust::begin faust::end; end;
        namespace faust (faust::begin faust::end);

        which isn't possible without using namespace qualifiers because
        'end' by itself is a reserved keyword in Pure.

2012-06-28  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll (docmd): Bugfixes and improvements in the interactive
        command parser. In particular, clear, dump and show will now
        complain about undefined symbols. This doesn't detect unmatched
        glob patterns and so isn't 100% foolproof, but it should catch
        most common errors and typos.

2012-06-27  Albert Graef  <>

        * Add -e/--escape option and PURE_ESCAPE environment
        variable to switch on new escaped command syntax. Also fix up
        command completion accordingly.

        * lexer.ll, Add support for escaped command
        syntax, as discussed on the mailing list. If this option is
        enabled, all interactive commands are prefixed with '!'. (This
        only applies to the command line, evalcmd works as before.)

2012-06-26  Albert Graef  <>

        * examples/msort.pure: Added merge sort example by Jim Pryor.

        * Bump version number.

        * (macspecial), Add a new built-in
        __gensym__ macro, per request by Jim Pryor. This enables you to
        create new, unqualified symbols on the fly, which is useful if a
        macro needs to generate block constructs such as lambdas and
        when/with clauses from scratch.

2012-06-25  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/matrices.pure: Experimental: As suggested by Jim Pryor, add
        non-splicing vector brackets as a shorthand notation for nested

        * (hash): Include environment in closure hashes (fixes
        second part of issue #82).

2012-06-24  Albert Graef  <>

        * examples/do.pure: Add __do__ macro example from the Macros
        section of the manual.

        * (hash): Bogus assertion for anonymous closure (fixes
        issue #82 reported by Jim Pryor).

2012-06-20  Albert Graef  <>

        * etc/pure.ssh: Added Eddie Rucker's a2ps style sheet for Pure.

2012-06-17  Albert Graef  <>

        * (quoted_tag): Missing "as" pattern in quoted
        pattern (fixes issue #79 reported by Jim Pryor).

2012-06-16  Albert Graef  <>

        * (macspecial): Leave the cases of __lambda__,
        __case__, __when__ and __with__ with an empty list argument
        undefined by the built-in macro rules (fixes issue #78 reported by
        Jim Pryor).

        * (const_defn, clearsym): Make sure that we
        allocate a fresh expression pointer for each constant value cached
        in a read-only variable. This will leak a tiny amount of memory
        each time such a constant is redefined (which is possible using
        interactive commands and the introspection facilities), but this
        is needed to keep any dangling references to the constant intact.
        This fixes issue #77.

2012-06-15  Albert Graef  <>

        * (get_funptr): get_funptr() might be invoked after a
        function was already purged from the environment.

2012-06-14  Albert Graef  <>

        * (checkfuns): Remove bogus assertion (issue #75).
        (next_statem): Missing case in code generation for matrix matching
        (issue #76). Reported by Jim Pryor.

2012-06-04  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.55 release.

        * Make clang and gfortran -fdragonegg the default
        compilers for inlined C/C++/Fortran code, as llvm-gcc isn't
        supported in the LLVM 3.x series any more.

2012-06-03  Albert Graef  <>

        * Bump version number.

        *, Add some options to deal with
        systems such as Mac OSX and Ubuntu which may have the LLVM
        toolchain and configure script installed under different prefixes,
        so that several LLVM versions can coexist on the same system.

        First, the configure option --with-tool-prefix allows to specify
        the prefix for the LLVM toolchain. This option, if specified, is
        also used to locate the llvm-config script, so that the proper
        LLVM version is selected.

        Second, the --with-llvm-version option allows to set the desired
        LLVM version, in which case configure tries to locate the
        llvm-config-<version> script on the PATH (after trying the tool
        prefix, if specified). If this option isn't specified, we default
        to looking for the llvm-config script on the PATH, which matches
        the behaviour in previous releases.

        If none of these yield a usable llvm-config script, we fall back
        to trying llvm-config-<version> for recent LLVM versions,
        preferring the latest version if found. Otherwise we give up and
        print an error message.

2012-06-02  Albert Graef  <>

        * Bugfix in type name resolution. Reported by
        Lucas Paul. Fixes issue #71.

2012-05-22  Albert Graef  <>

        * Debian support: Add Debian packaging and a corresponding goal in
        the Makefile.

2012-05-19  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.54 release.

        * (funsubstw): Fix clobbering of qualified symbols
        in the global namespace.

2012-05-15  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure: Fix up regression in optimization rules for
        list slices introduced in Pure 0.49. Reported by Yann Le Du.

2012-05-09  Albert Graef  <>

        * Version bump.

        *,, LLVM 3.1 compatibility

2012-03-22  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.53 release.

        * (pure_sort): As suggested by Peter Summerland,
        optimize the case of POD types (int, bigint, double, string) in
        conjunction with the standard (<) and (>) predicates. In this case
        we don't actually have to invoke the Pure predicates, but can just
        execute the comparisons directly in C++. With int lists this gives
        a 10x speedup.

2012-03-08  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: Add -r and -s options to the trace command to switch
        between the new recursive and the previous skip tracing mode (see

        *, Fix up function and macro call
        tracing to allow for recursive tracing of reductions while a
        tracepoint was invoked. Make this the default, as it's more useful
        in most situations.

2012-03-08  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.52 release.

        * lexer.ll (docmd): Add a -a option to the trace command which
        sets tracepoints on all (global) symbols.

2012-03-06  Albert Graef  <>

        * Fix a glitch causing discrepancies between
        generated log and actual test log for the prelude.

        * lib/prelude.pure: Fix up the definition of the __do__ macro for
        the reworked treatment of macro arguments.

        *, lexer.ll: Fixed some of the bad side-effects
        of autoquoting of macro arguments which would break macro hygiene.

        Implicit quoting of macro arguments is now disabled by default,
        and can be selectively enabled for individual macros with the new
        --quoteargs pragma. Also, autoquoted macro parameters are now
        actually quoted, i.e., embedded macro calls are not evaluated.

        This fixes name capture issues due to premature evaluation of
        embedded macros in quoted macro arguments. One minor defect which
        remains is the case of a free variable in a macro substition being
        captured by a local definition if the entire construct is quoted;
        see the last example in test078.pure. (One might argue, though,
        that in this specific case the behaviour of the macro evaluator is
        actually correct.)

2012-03-02  Albert Graef  <>

        * Update for the latest Faust revision after cleanup
        of the Faust UI data structures.

2012-02-20  Albert Graef  <>

        * (lcsubst): Added a missing recursion in the
        conditional, lambda, case, when and with cases. This fixes a
        failed assertion in the bind() method which could also occur, in
        particular, when processing comprehensions on the left-hand side
        of an equation or lambda. Reported by Richard Grossman.

2012-01-05  Albert Graef  <>

        * parser.yy: Refactor some grammar rules so that some types of
        syntax errors in toplevel constructs are caught a bit earlier (see
        issue #69 reported by Jiri Spitz).

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