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CVS commit: wip/pure

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   jgoamakf
Date:           Fri Feb  3 02:53:54 UTC 2012

Modified Files:
        wip/pure: Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update pure to 0.51.

Changes from previous:
2011-12-21  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.51 release.

        * Bugfixes in macro substitution involving 'when'
        expressions (fallout from changes in when_codegen 2011-11-25).

2011-12-20  Albert Graef  <>

        *, Add a new faust_load() runtime
        function which makes it possible to load a Faust dsp directly,
        without using eval (which isn't available in batch-compiled
        programs). Also fixed a bug in the Faust bitcode loader which
        would make it segfault in case of an existing but invalid Faust
        bitcode file.

2011-12-18  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.50 release.

        * (compiler): Add a --main option to the batch
        compiler which allows to set the name of the main entry point of
        the compiled module. This allows different batch-compiled modules
        to coexist in the same program.

2011-12-16  Albert Graef  <>

        * examples/bitcode/myinterp.pure: New example which illustrates
        how to create and use a secondary interpreter instance in Pure.

2011-12-15  Albert Graef  <>

        * (inline_code): Add FAUST_OPT environment variable
        to allow optimization of inline Faust code. This is to be set to
        something like '| opt -O3'. Also add the -cn option with the Faust
        module name as argument to the Faust command of the inline compiler.

2011-12-13  Albert Graef  <>

        *, lib/faustui.pure: Add support for metadata in Faust
        control groups.

2011-12-07  Albert Graef  <>

        *, lib/faustui.pure: Add support for controller
        metadata in Faust dsps. To these ends, controls are now
        represented in the form 'f ref meta initargs', where the
        additional 'meta' argument is a list of key=>val string pairs.

        * (bctype_name): Make gsl_matrix type detection
        work with dragonegg.

        *, Add support for retrieving the
        global metadata of Faust dsp classes.

2011-12-06  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll, New conditional --ifdef and
        --ifndef pragmas. Also change the way that compilation options are
        initialized using PURE_OPTION environment variables.

2011-12-05  Albert Graef  <>

        *, Add custom hashing of tagged
        pointers. Reported by Peter Summerland.
        (hash): Added missing matrix cases. Reported by Peter Summerland.

2011-12-04  Albert Graef  <>

        * (pure_force): Plugged a memleak in recursive
        pure_force() calls. Reported by Stephan Rudlof.

2011-12-02  Albert Graef  <>

        * (LoadFaustDSP): Proper cleanup for all globals in
        Faust modules when a module gets reloaded.

2011-11-30  Albert Graef  <>

        * (compile_interface): Optimize away superflous
        candidate patterns which are subsumed by other interface patterns.

        * (LoadFaustDSP, compiler): Bugfixes in the bitcode
        linker. Make sure that external function declarations and internal
        Faust functions are never stripped from batch-compiled code. Also
        make sure that old code for internal Faust functions gets cleaned
        before reloading a Faust module.

2011-11-25  Albert Graef  <>

        * (when_codegen): Optimization of non-binding
        'when' clauses. This eliminates superflous environments and
        function calls for clauses of the form 'when x end' where x is
        just an expression. These now just compute x, then throw it away
        immediately, just like the $$ operator.

        * etc/ Have #! (shebang) treated as preprocessor
        lines rather than comments, so that they aren't skipped by the
        movement and pure-send-line commands. Also, make pure-send-line
        skip over multi-line comments (if you really want to send such a
        comment to the interpreter, you can use pure-send-defun for that
        now; this will send the entire comment at once).

        *,, lib/primitives.pure: Add
        get_interface_typedef() operation.

2011-11-24  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: Add --rewarn, --rewarn2 pragmas which reset the
        corresponding warning options to their defaults.

2011-11-23  Albert Graef  <>

        *,, parser.yy: Lots of cosmetic
        changes and bugfixes in the interfaces implementation. Also
        improved the diagnostics (-w).

2011-11-22  Albert Graef  <>

        *,, lib/primitives.pure: Add meta
        operations for managing interfaces from Pure.

        * etc/*: Add new 'interface' keyword to the language modes.

        *, lexer.ll: Add new 'interface' keyword to the keyword
        table. Add type symbols to the completion table.

        * lexer.ll: Add 'show interface' command.

        *,, lexer.ll, parser.yy: Add basic
        implementation of interface types (experimental).

2011-11-18  Albert Graef  <>

        * Resolve type aliases at compile time as far as
        possible, so that the best possible matching code can be

        * New read-only interactive and debugging options
        for conditional compilation.

2011-11-17  Albert Graef  <>

        * Bump version.

        * lib/primitives.pure: The rlist type can now be defined in a
        straightforward way.

        * (try_rules): Implement tail call elimination on
        simple recursive type definitions.

2011-11-16  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.49 release.

2011-11-15  Albert Graef  <>

        * Integrate code generation options (--checks
        et al) with the new conditional compilation pragmas, so that they
        can be set with --enable, --disable and queried with --if,

2011-11-14  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure, lib/matrices.pure: Add some conditional
        pragmas so that various kinds of optimization rules in the prelude
        can be disabled if the user wants to do that.

        *,, Add --enable and --disable
        command line options.

        *, lexer.ll: Add conditional compilation pragmas
        --enable, --disable, --if, --ifnot, --else, --endif.

        * lib/matrices.pure: Add some experimental optimization rules for
        vector et al, which make them use vectorseq et al to create
        vectors of int and double values from arithmetic seqences in an
        efficient way. (This is similar to the slices optimization in that
        it prevents the construction of an intermediate list value, which
        saves memory and speeds up things considerably for large vectors.)

2011-11-13  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/prelude.pure, lib/strings.pure, lib/matrices.pure: Add some
        experimental optimization rules for slices with contiguous int
        ranges, so that we don't actually construct the index list any
        more. This speeds up slices considerably and can also save
        substantial amounts of memory, especially in the matrix case.

2011-11-11  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/avltrees.pure, lib/dict.pure, lib/set.pure: Some bugfixes
        and optimizations in the comparison operations. Also, as discussed
        on the mailing list, we now fall back to syntactic equality of
        values in dictionary operations if semantic equality isn't

2011-10-27  Albert Graef  <>

        *, Add interpreter-local storage,
        exposed by means of the pure_interp_key(), pure_interp_set() and
        pure_interp_get() functions in the runtime. This allows
        applications to keep track of static data which depends on the
        particular interpreter instance, such as symbols and Pure
        expression data. The interface is similar to the POSIX
        thread-local storage functions (pthread_key_create and friends).

2011-10-25  Albert Graef  <>

        * interpreter.hh, Add a pointer equality callback,
        so that tagged pointer types can hook into same() and the null
        check for pointers.

2011-10-23  Albert Graef  <>

        *, Add a new built-in __list__
        macro. This expands a tuple to a list, preserving embedded tuples
        in the same way that list values are parsed. This is provided for
        the benefit of custom aggregate notations (usually outfix
        operators) which are supposed to be parsed like the built-in list
        and matrix brackets. Note that there's no way to actually define
        this macro in Pure, so it is provided as a builtin instead.

        * Bump version number.

2011-10-21  Albert Graef  <>

        * INSTALL: Slight reorganization of the installation manual, to
        make it easier to link to various subsections from the wiki and
        elsewhere. Also added a note about ready-made packages now being
        available on FreeBSD.

2011-10-18  Albert Graef  <>

        * 0.48 release.

        * (inline_code): Add experimental DragonEgg

2011-10-17  Albert Graef  <>

        *,, LLVM 3.0
        compatibility fixes.

2011-10-15  Albert Graef  <>

        *,, lib/primitives.pure: Add a
        function lasterrpos to give more detailed error information about
        a failed val, eval or evalcmd operation. Per request by Peter

2011-10-14  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: As suggested by John Cowan, add a --bigint pragma
        which, if enabled, causes all integer literals in the source to be
        interpreted as bigint values. This feature is still somewhat
        broken and thus not enabled by default. If you want to try it
        anyway, define USE_BIGINT_PRAGMA in lexer.ll at build time.

2011-10-13  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: Make the --eager, --required and --(no)defined pragmas
        accept any kind of symbol (not just an identifier), so that they
        can be applied to special operator symbols. No checking is done on
        the syntax, and a following line comment (// ...) must be set off
        from the symbol with whitespace. Note that any of these options
        implicitly declare the symbol if necessary, so if the symbol is to
        be declared using special properties such as fixity, that
        declaration must come *before* any pragma involving the symbol.

        * lexer.ll, Implemented --defined and --nodefined
        pragmas, as discussed on the mailing list. These take a global
        function symbol as parameter and mark or unmark it as a "defined"
        symbol, respectively. If a symbol that is marked as "defined" is
        defined as a function in the Pure program, then the compiler
        generates special code which ensures that each application of the
        function actually reduces to something else. Otherwise, instead of
        returning a normal form, a 'failed_match' exception will be raised.
        The --defined status of a function can be changed at any time,
        causing the function to be recompiled on the fly. The --nodefined
        pragma restores the default behaviour of returning a normal form
        upon failure.

2011-10-12  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: Add a special case rule so that double constants like
        1e100 are properly recognized.

        * lib/regex.pure: Move regex support into a separate module which
        can be loaded independently of the system module.

        * lib/system.pure: Improved printf/scanf implementation which
        supports GMP/MPFR (%Zd, %Rg) conversions.

2011-10-11  Albert Graef  <>

        * Bump runtime library version.

        * Add MPFR checks.

        * Add GMP/MPFR printf/scanf support to the runtime.

2011-10-08  Albert Graef  <>

        * lib/pointers.pure: Moved pointer arithmetic into separate
        module, as suggested by Max Wolf.

2011-10-05  Albert Graef  <>

        * interpreter.hh,, Add light-weight
        support for pretty printing of tagged pointer values. This adds
        another way to hook into the expression pretty-printer in order to
        define custom unparsing of opaque C/C++ data structures from C/C++

2011-10-04  Albert Graef  <>

        * lexer.ll: Add support for --warn/--nowarn pragmas, as suggested
        by Peter Summerland.

2011-09-11  Albert Graef  <>

        * Implement __locals__ as a built-in macro (rather
        than subsituting it away at code generation time) so that proper
        lambda lifting is performed on the local function references.

2011-09-06  Albert Graef  <>

        * etc/ Changed the keybindings for the block
        traversal commands to use the Meta prefix. (This used to be
        Ctrl+Shift, but this interferes with the standard binding for the
        shifted word movement commands for selecting ranges of text in cua

        Also, pure-mark-defun (C-M-h) and pure-send-defun (C-c C-f) now
        allow you to mark or send an inline code section (%< ... %>), if
        point is at or inside such a section.

2011-06-05  Albert Graef  <>

        * (macspecial): Add a __namespace__ macro which
        expands to the current namespace at the point of the call, as a

2011-05-27  Albert Graef  <>

        * (LoadFaustDSP): Add dsp::samplingFreq interface
        routine to retrieve the sampling rate of a Faust dsp.

        * (faust_method): Add primitive to retrieve the
        interface operations of a Faust dsp. This is also available under
        the name dsp_fun in lib/faustui.pure.

2011-05-13  Albert Graef  <>

        * Bump version number.

        * (clear_lasterr): Add a routine to have lasterr()

        * (interpreter::logging),
        (pure_start_logging, pure_stop_logging): Add a logging facility
        for error messages and warnings from the compiler.

        This is still experimental and not exposed in the Pure library
        right now. It is intended to be used by modules compiling Pure
        source, so that they can have messages logged and later retrieved
        with lasterr(), in order to display the messages to the user in
        any desired way.

2011-04-17  Albert Graef  <>

        * Experimental __func__ builtin which yields the
        lexically enclosing function (named closure or lambda). As
        suggested by Saptarshi Guha on the mailing list.

2011-04-01  Albert Graef  <>

        *, LLVM 3.0(svn) compatibility

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