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CVS commit: wip/trac-plugins-AccountManager

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   obache
Date:           Sun Jan 20 09:04:14 UTC 2013

Modified Files:
        wip/trac-plugins-AccountManager: DESCR Makefile PLIST distinfo

Log Message:
Update trac-plugins-AccountManager to 0.4.2.

acct_mgr-0.4.2 (27-Dec-2012) - branch 0.11
 resolved issues
 * #10730: AccountGuard.lock_time effectively disables account locking

acct_mgr-0.4.1 (26-Dec-2012) - branch 0.11
 resolved issues
 * #5964: Prevent multiple calls to LoginModule._remote_user()
   by re-using a flag introduced for account locking
 * #8545: Authentication always fails
   by introducing authentication attempt debug logging and a new option
   'environ_auth_overwrite' for additional control over REMOTE_USER's value
 * #10134: HttpAuth login throws traceback
 * #10625: AssertionError in trac.db.pool.PooledConnection.__del__
 * #10700: AccountModule._do_reset_password discards error from _reset_password
 * #10701: Reset password reports `Cannot find ... "IPasswordHashMethod"`
 * several fixes for unreported account guard issues

acct_mgr-0.4 (01-Dec-2012) - branch 0.11
 resolved issues
 * #3459: Authentication information not available
 * #4677: Admin based chaining HtDigestStore & HtPasswdStore breaks config
   by adding dedicated options 'htdigest_file' and 'htpasswd_file'
 * #5691: No cookie warning shown when trying to log in with Konqueror
 * #6616: Invalid entries for usernames in table
   by adding a cleaner macro implementation outside of `UserStatsMacro`
 * #8685: User deletion ordering breaks 'deleted' notification for SessionStore
 * #8770: AttributeError: Cannot find implementation of "IPasswordHashMethod"
 * #8990: HtPasswdStore and SessionStore with HtPasswdHashMethod share option
   by adding dedicated options 'db_htpasswd_hash_type' and 'db_htdigest_realm'
 * #9052: acct_mgr.web_ui.emailverificationmodule - Doesn't send email
 * #9079: PostgreSQL: Database error when creating new user with attributes
 * #9090: AccountManager plugin does not email after user registration
 * #9139: SvnServePasswordStore and case sensitivity
 * #9246: InternalError when refresh_passwd = true
 * #9252: All session attributes are deleted when user logs in first time
 * #9547: Option `persistent_sessions` is not working in `0.4dev-r10747`
 * #9843: New user missing in 'session' table.
 * #9940: Admin unable to reset password
 * #10023: SQL Injection in acct_mgr.api.AccountManager.lastseen()
 * #10028: Account delete does not purge user's auth cookie
 * #10123: Registration with EmailVerification should instruct more clearly
 * #10204: Users can delete their email address even when verify_email=true
 * #10276: "Unknown preference panel" when logging out from account tab
 * #10397: Don't allow username with all capital letters
 * #10412: acct_mgr-0.4dev breaking 2.4 compatibility
 * #10594: Some options' docs are missing
 * #10644: Add a real license
 * do AccountManager class API cleanup by moving db access to model layer
 * prevent duplicate action entries in Trac core permission select box

 new features
 * #874: Add new fields to register form and a registration validation system
 * #5295: Add optional username regexp to registration checks
 * #7577: Prevent spammers from registering
 * #8076: Add optional account email regexp to registration checks
 * #8791: Obsolete patch needed for authentication against Jira
   by adding sha256/sha512 hash support (needs `passlib` or extended `crypt`)
 * #9618: HttpAuthStore authentication enhancement
   by allowing a relative URL for `authentication_url` configuration option
 * #9676: Incorporate optional Single-Sign-On functionality
 * #9852: Embed some user information in TracWiki
   by introducing WikiMacros `ProjectStats` and `UserQuery`
 * #10142: Allow admin to override verification status
 * add recursion to option parser for configuration admin page and provide
   available valid values for an `ExtensionOption` like `IPasswordHashMethod`
   by a select field (dropdown box) - or meaningful message on missing options
 * add cleanup page for purging `session_attribute` db table via admin web UI
 * add randomized authentication cookie ID refreshment, average refresh rate
   controlled by new option `cookie_refresh_pct`
 * switch to case-less username duplicate checking
 * add unit tests i.e. for hash creation and re-written registration checks
   to significantly extend code coverage
 * add Trac style shading of odd/even rows to user lists

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cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.6 -r1.7 wip/trac-plugins-AccountManager/PLIST
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.7 -r1.8 wip/trac-plugins-AccountManager/distinfo

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