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CVS commit: wip/ec2-ami-tools

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   jym-netbsd
Date:           Thu Jan 20 00:30:15 UTC 2011

Import into wip/ec2-ami-tools

Log Message:
Import ec2-ami-tools-1.3.57676 as wip/ec2-ami-tools.

The Amazon EC2 AMI Tools are command-line utilities to help bundle
an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), create an AMI from an existing machine
or installed volume, and upload a bundled AMI to Amazon S3.

TODO: write the modules to create the AMIs. Fairly trivial, the solaris and
linux ones are already provided.


Vendor Tag:     JYM-NETBSD
Release Tags:   JYM-NETBSD_20110120
N wip/ec2-ami-tools/distinfo
N wip/ec2-ami-tools/Makefile
N wip/ec2-ami-tools/TODO
N wip/ec2-ami-tools/PLIST
N wip/ec2-ami-tools/DESCR

No conflicts created by this import

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