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CVS commit: wip/py-scitools

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   jihbed
Date:           Wed Jan 19 14:38:34 UTC 2011

Import into wip/py-scitools

Log Message:
Import py26-scitools-0.7 as wip/py-scitools.

The package is built on top of other widely used packages such as
NumPy, SciPy, ScientificPython, Gnuplot, etc.

SciTools also comes with a plotting interface called Easyviz, which is a
unified interface to various packages for scientific visualization and plotting.
Both curve plots and more advanced 2D/3D visualization of scalar and vector
fields are supported.The Easyviz interface was designed with three ideas in mind
    1) a simple, Matlab-like syntax;
    2) a unified interface to lots of visualization engines (backends):
     Gnuplot, Matplotlib, Grace, Veusz, Pmw.Blt.Graph, PyX, Matlab, VTK, VisIt,
    3) a minimalistic interface which offers only
basic control of plots: curves, linestyles, legends, title, axis extent
and names More fine-tuning of plots can be done by adding backend-specific


Vendor Tag:     JIHBED
Release Tags:   JIHBED_20110119
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