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CVS commit: wip/libharu

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   emil_s
Date:           Fri Oct 29 15:03:20 UTC 2010

Modified Files:
        wip/libharu: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:
Change maintainer email.

Update 2.1.0 -> 2.2.0. Changes:

- Greatly improved U3D support (Nikhil Soman)
- Markup Annotations
- Free Text Annotations
- Line Annotations
- Circle and Squre Annotations
- Text Markup Annotations
- Rubber Stamp Annotations
- Popup Annotations
- Added VB.Net bindings. (Matt Underwood)
- Added CMake build system (experimental). (Werner Smekal)
- Added preliminary ICC support. (vbrasseur at gmail dot com)
- Added HPDF_Image_AddSMask(). (patch by Adam Blokus)
- Added HPDF_LoadPngImageFromMem() and
    HPDF_LoadJpegImageFromMem(). (patch by Adam Blokus)
- Added HPDF_GetContents().
- Added HPDF_Page_SetZoom().
- Added support for CMYK in HPDF_Image_LoadRawImageFromMem().
- Applied a bunch of fixes and improvements from bug report #13.
- HPDF_Page_TextRect() corrections and improvements. (Ralf Junker)
- Fixed build failure when zlib was not found. (Werner Smekal)
- Fixed build with newer libtool versions.
- Fixed external build. (thanks to Jeremiah Willcock)
- Fixed memleak in HPDF_EmbeddedFile_New(). (Ralf Junker)
- Fixed uninitialized fields in HPDF_Type1FontDef_New(). (Ralf Junker)
- Fixed issue with grayscale PNG images. (Ralf Junker)
- Fixed missing parentheses from empty string object. (Ralf Junker)
- Fixed bug #21 (Build fails on Win CE because of errno and errno.h
- Fixed bug #18 (Missing compiler flag -fexceptions)
- Fixed bug #11 (sqrtf() is missing on Windows).
- Fixed bug #10 (missing HPDF_LoadPngImageFromMem from
- Fixed bug #7 (HPDF_String_SetValue() is declared twice).
- Fixed bug #6 (possible NULL dereference in
- Fixed bug #5 (possible NULL derefernce in
- Fixed bug #4 (possible NULL dereference in HPDF_AToI()).
- Fixed bug #2 (Ruby binding: hpdf_insert_page has stray printf).

To generate a diff of this commit:
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.1.1.1 -r1.2 wip/libharu/distinfo
cvs -z3 rdiff -u -r1.4 -r1.5 wip/libharu/Makefile

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