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CVS commit: wip/qdevelop

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   othyro
Date:           Tue Aug 10 03:10:59 UTC 2010

Import into wip/qdevelop

Log Message:
Import qdevelop-0.28 as wip/qdevelop.

QDevelop is a development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4, which requires
Qt4, gcc under Linux or MinGW under Windows, possibly gdb for program debugging
and ctags for code completion.
QDevelop runs on Linux, unix, macosx and windows systems and is released under
the GPL license.

QDevelop is not a Kdevelop like or reduced. It's an independent IDE dedicated to
Qt and is totally independent of KDevelop. Less complete, but faster, light and
especially multi-platforms. QDevelop and KDevelop have different code sources.


Vendor Tag:     OTHYRO
Release Tags:   OTHYRO_20100810
N wip/qdevelop/distinfo
N wip/qdevelop/Makefile
N wip/qdevelop/TODO
N wip/qdevelop/PLIST
N wip/qdevelop/DESCR
N wip/qdevelop/patches/patch-aa

No conflicts created by this import

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