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pkgsrc-wip CVS digest 2008, week 50

obache: Need cyrus-sasl>=2.1.17.
  P cyrus-imapd/Makefile 1.18
tonnerre: Add support for SSL and inet6 options (from www/dillo).
  A dillo2/ 1.1
  P dillo2/Makefile 1.3
minskim: Set PKGNAME. This line was removed accidentally in the previous
  P emacs-w3m-current/Makefile 1.3
minskim: Support user-destdir.
  P emacs-w3m-current/Makefile 1.4
minskim: "${LOWER_OPSYS}" in this PLIST should be "netbsd".
  P emacs-w3m-current/PLIST 1.4
gschwarz: use -DSTRING on FreeBSD
  P traceroute-nanog/Makefile 1.12
gschwarz: modified patch to work for FreeBSD, too.
  P tac_plus-libradius/distinfo 1.8
  P tac_plus-libradius/patches/patch-af 1.4
  P xcb-proto/Makefile 1.7
tnn2: use autoreconf -f instead of autoconf needs automake
  P adms/Makefile 1.5
tnn2: PKGNAME and STAGE are already set in the environment by infrastruc
  P cjk-latex/INSTALL 1.4
leot1990: - p5-PDF-Reuse
  P TODO 1.345
x400: Import spandsp-0.0.5pre3 as wip/spandsp. Library which provides ma
  I spandsp/Makefile
  I spandsp/
adrian_p: -barnyard
  P Makefile 1.3140

minskim: silgraphite is now in pkgsrc.
  P Makefile 1.3141
  P web2c/Makefile 1.4
yhardy: Import icecat-3.0.4 as wip/icecat, largely based on www/firefox3
  I icecat/Makefile
  I icecat/PLIST
  I icecat/DESCR
  I icecat/MESSAGE
  I icecat/PLIST.Linux
  I icecat/
  I icecat/distinfo
  I icecat/files/firefox3-js.pc
  I icecat/files/firefox3-libxul.pc
  I icecat/files/firefox3-nspr.pc
  I icecat/files/firefox3-nss.pc
  I icecat/files/firefox3-plugin.pc
  I icecat/files/firefox3-xpcom.pc
yhardy: Added wip/icecat.
  P Makefile 1.3142
yhardy: Import fs2_open-3.6.9 as wip/fs2open. The Source Code Project wa
  I fs2open/DESCR
  I fs2open/Makefile
  I fs2open/PLIST
  I fs2open/distinfo
  I fs2open/patches/patch-aa
  I fs2open/patches/patch-ab
  I fs2open/patches/patch-ac
yhardy: Add wip/fs2open.
  P Makefile 1.3143
tnn2: remove perl59, pkgsrc is already at perl 5.10
  P Makefile 1.3144
bartoszkuzma: rsyslog updated to 3.21.9.
  P TODO 1.346
bartoszkuzma: Install html documentation.
  P rsyslog/Makefile 1.14
  P rsyslog/PLIST.common 1.2
  P rsyslog/PLIST.common_end 1.2
bartoszkuzma: Update to 3.5.0. Changes since 3.4.2: * Fixed bug #1716602
  P libassa/Makefile 1.7
  P libassa/PLIST 1.3
  P libassa/ 1.6
  P libassa/distinfo 1.4
bartoszkuzma: Update to 1.4.0. Changes since 1.2.4: - Added picture vali
  P granule/Makefile 1.9
  P granule/PLIST 1.6
  P granule/distinfo 1.6
  P granule/patches/patch-aa 1.3
bartoszkuzma: Update to 1.4.0.
  D granule/patches/patch-ab 1.2
  D granule/patches/patch-ac 1.2
  D granule/patches/patch-ad 1.2
bartoszkuzma: Update to 1.4.16.
  D smtp-gated/patches/patch-aa 1.3
  P smtp-gated/Makefile 1.4
  P smtp-gated/distinfo 1.3
  P smtp-gated/patches/patch-ab 1.3
  P smtp-gated/files/smtp-gated.conf 1.3
pettai: Import tclreadline-2.1.0 as wip/tclreadline. The tclreadline pac
  I tclreadline/DESCR
  I tclreadline/MESSAGE
  I tclreadline/Makefile
  I tclreadline/PLIST
  I tclreadline/TODO
  I tclreadline/distinfo
  I tclreadline/files/tclshrc
leot1990: Update to wip/p5-MediaWiki-API 0.23 Changes: 0.23 2008-12-09 W
  P p5-MediaWiki-API/Makefile 1.7
  P p5-MediaWiki-API/distinfo 1.7

x400: Import callweaver- as wip/callweaver. CallWeaver is a commu
  I callweaver/Makefile
  I callweaver/PLIST
  I callweaver/PLIST.mysql
  I callweaver/PLIST.pgsql
  I callweaver/TODO
  I callweaver/distinfo
  I callweaver/
  I callweaver/patches/patch-aa
x400: *** empty log message ***
  P callweaver/TODO 1.3
thomasklausner: Remove py-BeautifulSoup, newer version in www/py-beautif
  P Makefile 1.3145
cheusov: Import lua-mode-20071122 as wip/lua-mode. LUA-MODE is a major E
  I lua-mode/DESCR
  I lua-mode/Makefile
  I lua-mode/PLIST
  I lua-mode/distinfo
jkuittinen: Remove deprecated pkg option
  P milkytracker/ 1.2
cheusov: mk/ for pkgsrc-2008Q3 PLIST content
  P lua-mode/Makefile 1.2
  P lua-mode/PLIST 1.2
absd: Update for new www/py-beautifulsoup location
  P freevo/Makefile 1.34

minskim: Define variables for paths to texmf trees.
  P kpathsea/ 1.4
  P texlive-tetex/Makefile 1.2
  P texlive-texmf-base/Makefile 1.2
minskim: Extract relavant files only.
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.5
minskim: Set the path to texmf.cnf explicitly.
  D kpathsea/patches/patch-ab 1.2
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.6
  P kpathsea/PLIST 1.4
  P kpathsea/distinfo 1.5
  P kpathsea/patches/patch-aa 1.4
minskim: Support user-destdir.
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.7
x400: Import callweaver- as wip/callweaver. CallWeaver is a commu
  I callweaver/Makefile
  I callweaver/
x400: Import callweaver-RC- as wip/callweaver-current. Ca
  I callweaver-current/DESCR
  I callweaver-current/Makefile
  I callweaver-current/PLIST
  I callweaver-current/PLIST.mysql
  I callweaver-current/PLIST.pgsql
  I callweaver-current/TODO
  I callweaver-current/distinfo
  I callweaver-current/files/
  I callweaver-current/
  I callweaver-current/patches/patch-aa
x400: Import spandsp-0.0.6pre2 as wip/spandsp-current. Library which pro
  I spandsp-current/DESCR
  I spandsp-current/Makefile
  I spandsp-current/PLIST
  I spandsp-current/
  I spandsp-current/distinfo
  I spandsp-current/
x400: Import vale-0.0.2 as wip/vale-current. Vale is a library for handl
  I vale-current/DESCR
  I vale-current/Makefile
  I vale-current/PLIST
  I vale-current/
  I vale-current/distinfo
minskim: This package conflicts with teTeX-texmf.
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.8

minskim: Remove empty directories in texmf trees before running mktexlsr
  P kpathsea/files/texmf-deinstall.tmpl 1.2
minskim: Import tex-plain-3.14159265 as wip/tex-plain. The file plain.te
  I tex-plain/DESCR
  I tex-plain/Makefile
  I tex-plain/PLIST
  I tex-plain/distinfo
minskim: Add tex-plain.
  P Makefile 1.3146
minskim: Make texlive-texmf-base and web2c depend on tex-plain.
  P texlive-texmf-base/Makefile 1.3
  P texlive-texmf-base/PLIST 1.3
  P web2c/Makefile 1.5
minskim: Buildlink kpsewhich.
  P kpathsea/ 1.5
thomasklausner: + backintime-0.8.16, bakery-2.6.1, grsync-0.6.2, httrack
  P TODO 1.347
bartoszkuzma: Destdir support.
  P vdesk/Makefile 1.2
bartoszkuzma: No longer interested in bincimap.
  P Makefile 1.3147

asau: Catch up recent changes: version is 8.12.0 now.
  P ecl/Makefile 1.20
  P ecl/PLIST 1.10
minskim: Improve COMMENT of kpathsea.
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.9
minskim: silgraphite-ft is now in pkgsrc.
  P Makefile 1.3148
minskim: Do not add TEXMFLOCAL to BUILD_DEFS, so that this package is co
  P kpathsea/Makefile 1.10
minskim: Separate texmf handling from
  A kpathsea/ 1.1
  P kpathsea/ 1.6
  P kpathsea/files/texmf-deinstall.tmpl 1.3
  P kpathsea/files/texmf-install.tmpl 1.2
minskim: Import tex-bin-tetex-3.0 as wip/tex-bin-tetex. This package con
  I tex-bin-tetex/DESCR
  I tex-bin-tetex/Makefile
  I tex-bin-tetex/PLIST
  I tex-bin-tetex/distinfo
  I tex-bin-tetex/patches/patch-aa
minskim: Add tex-bin-tetex.
  P Makefile 1.3149
minskim: Use kpathsea/ and ensure that .orig files are not insta
  P tex-plain/Makefile 1.2
minskim: Use kpathsea/ and depend on tex-bin-tetex.
  P texlive-texmf-base/Makefile 1.4
  P texlive-texmf-base/PLIST 1.4
minskim: Nothing to buildlink.
  D texlive-tetex/ 1.3
minskim: - Use kpathsea/mk.conf. - Install fmtutil.cnf as a conf file. -
  P texlive-tetex/Makefile 1.3
minskim: Remove files generated by updmap-sys when this package is unins
  A texlive-tetex/DEINSTALL 1.1
minskim: Add template files to update font maps.
  A texlive-tetex/files/map-deinstall.tmpl 1.1
  A texlive-tetex/files/map-install.tmpl 1.1
  A texlive-tetex/ 1.1
krub1: Fix a typo
  P pulseaudio/Makefile 1.4
shattered: wip/libdrm is, x11/libdrm is 2.3.1. Pick the former.
  P xf86-video-nouveau/Makefile 1.2
shattered: Make it package. Also delint.
  A wxGTK-unicode/patches/patch-ad 1.1
  D wxGTK-unicode/patches/patch-ab 1.2
  P wxGTK-unicode/Makefile 1.4
  P wxGTK-unicode/Makefile.common 1.7
  P wxGTK-unicode/PLIST 1.3
  P wxGTK-unicode/ 1.3
  P wxGTK-unicode/distinfo 1.4
  P wxGTK-unicode/patches/patch-aa 1.4
shattered: Update to 2.8.8.
  P wxGTK-contrib-unicode/Makefile 1.3
  P wxGTK-contrib-unicode/PLIST 1.2
shattered: Primary master site is unreachable at the moment, add another
  P sdlmame/Makefile.common 1.2
shattered: Sync PLISTs with x11/wxGTK28*. Bump versions in
  P wxGTK-contrib-unicode/PLIST 1.3
  P wxGTK-contrib-unicode/ 1.2
  P wxGTK-unicode/Makefile 1.5
  P wxGTK-unicode/PLIST 1.4
asau: Catch up changes.
  P openaxiom/PLIST 1.11

minskim: Correct a variable name in a comment.
  P texlive-tetex/ 1.2
shattered: Update PLIST to, too.
  P py-wxWidgets-unicode/Makefile 1.5
  P py-wxWidgets-unicode/PLIST 1.3
shattered: Remove gst-python -- newer version in pkgsrc (multimedia/py-g
  P Makefile 1.3150
tnn2: add missing INSTALLATION_DIRS
  P io-vm/Makefile 1.4
tnn2: while here, de-lint
  P io-vm/Makefile 1.5
cheusov: pkg_online-0.X.0 requires pkg_online-{server,client}-0.X.0
  P pkg_online/Makefile 1.16
  P pkg_online/Makefile.common 1.4
tnn2: add missing distinfo
  P libmaa/distinfo 1.5
tnn2: needs python (for inkscape2edc)
  P edje/Makefile 1.27
thomasklausner: + bakery-2.6.2, xcb-proto-1.3.
  P TODO 1.348
thomasklausner: Add dbus.
  P avahi/ 1.4
hfath: Add todo items
  P nnrpd/TODO 1.7

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