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pkgsrc-wip CVS digest 2008, week 49

pettai: added pkg/38983 patch + some cleanup
  A sid-milter/files/ 1.1
  A sid-milter/patches/patch-ab 1.1
  D sid-milter/files/ 1.2
  P sid-milter/Makefile 1.15
  P sid-milter/PLIST 1.5
  P sid-milter/distinfo 1.7
  P sid-milter/patches/patch-aa 1.4
pettai: description update
  P sid-milter/Makefile 1.16
pettai: added pkg/38983 fix
  A dk-milter/patches/patch-ad 1.1
  A dk-milter/patches/patch-ae 1.1
  P dk-milter/Makefile 1.15
  P dk-milter/distinfo 1.8
  P dkim-milter/Makefile 1.40
  P dkim-milter/distinfo 1.33
  P dkim-milter/patches/patch-ad 1.11
  P dkim-milter/patches/patch-ae 1.8
makoto: upstream change
  P emacs-w3m-current/PLIST 1.3
makoto: emacs-w3m should be current, not www/emacs-w3m version if this b
  P emacs-w3m-current/ 1.2
makoto: PLISTs with emacs-w3m-current combination have not been really c
  P wl-current/PLIST 1.3
  P wl-current/PLIST.emacs-w3m-current 1.2
asau: Import CVS-based package for Maxima. Maxima is a symbolic computat
  I maxima/DESCR
  I maxima/Makefile
  I maxima/PLIST
  I maxima/distinfo
  I maxima/
asau: Remove accidentally committed files
  D maxima/ 1.2
asau: Revive package as CVS-based to track current Maxima.
  P maxima/DESCR 1.3
  P maxima/Makefile 1.7
  P maxima/PLIST 1.3
  P maxima/distinfo 1.3
  P maxima/ 1.3
absd: fix PLIST
  P jdk16/PLIST.common 1.4
  P jdk16/PLIST.jce 1.2
koifren: add new security issue
  P linux-kernel/TODO 1.18
cheusov: update to 0.8.3 Bugfixes - database engine client libraries whi
  P libdbi/Makefile 1.4
  P libdbi/distinfo 1.2
cheusov: update to 0.8.3-1 0.8.3 (the "Shores of California" release) - 
  P libdbi-pgsql/Makefile 1.4
  P libdbi-pgsql/distinfo 1.2
asau: Catch up changes.
  P maxima/PLIST 1.4
cheusov: update to 0.8.3-1 0.8.3 (the "Shores of California" release) - 
  P libdbi-sqlite/Makefile 1.4
  P libdbi-sqlite/distinfo 1.2
koifren: add potential security issue
  P webkit-gtk/TODO 1.5
cheusov: update to 0.8.3-1 0.8.3 (the "Shores of California" release) - 
  P libdbi-mysql/Makefile 1.4
  P libdbi-mysql/distinfo 1.2
cheusov: Import libdbi-sqlite3- as wip/libdbi-sqlite3. libdbi-dri
  I libdbi-sqlite3/DESCR
  I libdbi-sqlite3/Makefile
  I libdbi-sqlite3/PLIST
  I libdbi-sqlite3/distinfo
cheusov: - pkg_install-testing (no such directory)
  P Makefile 1.3124
cheusov: removed: dovecot-sieve (no Makefile)
  P Makefile 1.3125
  P distbb/Makefile
  P distbb/distinfo
  P javascript-mode/Makefile 1.5
  P javascript-mode/distinfo 1.2
  P mnogosearch/Makefile 1.11
  P pike-core/TODO 1.2
  P pkg_conflicts/files/pkg_all_conflicts 1.10
asau: Bring back PLIST variables accidentally removed in previous commit
  P maxima/PLIST 1.5
cheusov: revert previous commit made by mistake
  P pkg_conflicts/files/pkg_all_conflicts 1.11
cheusov: version -> 0.22.0 merge changes from 'deve' branche See files/N
  P pkg_summary-utils/PLIST 1.11
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/Makefile 1.19
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/Makefile.version 1.39
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/NEWS 1.34
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/TODO 1.14
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/pkg_src_summary.1 1.18
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.11
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.2
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.3
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/pkg_uniq_summary.1 1.2
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/ 1.2
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/src_summary3.txt 1.2
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/test.out 1.6
  P pkg_summary-utils/files/tests/ 1.10

makoto: Several @dirrm lines were still missing, sorry, fixed. See the m
  P wl-current/PLIST 1.4
rsmarples: Bump to 4.0.7 Fixes flapping interface link clearing timers i
  P dhcpcd/Makefile 1.23
  P dhcpcd/distinfo 1.22
cheusov: update to 0.24.0
  P distbb/Makefile
  P distbb/distinfo
cheusov: Update to 0.24.0 (lots of significant improvements) distbb.conf
  P distbb/Makefile 1.47
  P distbb/PLIST 1.12
  P distbb/distinfo 1.34
cheusov: ++pkgrevision latest paexec, runawk and pkg_summary-utils are r
  P distbb/Makefile 1.48
cheusov: update to 0.4.0 new executable pkg_common_files
  P pkg_conflicts/Makefile 1.4
  P pkg_conflicts/PLIST 1.2
  A pkg_conflicts/files/pkg_common_files 1.1

thomasklausner: - dhcpcd-4.0.5.
  P TODO 1.340
shattered: Version 1.77 fixes lexer bugs and other minor issues. Version
  A scite/TODO 1.1
  P scite/Makefile 1.21
  P scite/distinfo 1.11
  P scite/patches/patch-ah 1.7
shattered: scite 1.77 done.
  P TODO 1.341
bsadewitz: update to xcbproto-1.2 done
  P TODO 1.342
bsadewitz: Update to xcb-proto-1.2 (more xcb updates coming)
  P xcb-proto/DESCR 1.2
  P xcb-proto/Makefile 1.5
  P xcb-proto/PLIST 1.3
  P xcb-proto/ 1.4
  P xcb-proto/distinfo 1.5
cheusov: Update to version 0.7.0 !field:strategy:query means `AND NOT' E
  P pkg_online/Makefile.common 1.3
  P pkg_online/distinfo 1.10

htepper: aKode is a simple audio decoding framework that provides a unif
  I akode/DESCR
  I akode/Makefile
  I akode/PLIST
  I akode/
  I akode/distinfo
htepper: Add akode.
  P Makefile 1.3126
thomasklausner: Fix build with gtk option. Make it default. Add missing 
  P avahi/Makefile 1.14
  P avahi/PLIST 1.5
  P avahi/PLIST.dbus 1.3
  P avahi/PLIST.glib 1.2
  P avahi/PLIST.shared 1.3
  P avahi/ 1.6
thomasklausner: Don't link everything against libintl just because avahi
  A avahi/PLIST.howl 1.1
  A avahi/ 1.1
  D avahi/PLIST.avahipy 1.2
  D avahi/PLIST.dbus 1.4
  D avahi/PLIST.dbusgtk 1.3
  D avahi/PLIST.expat 1.2
  D avahi/PLIST.glib 1.3
  D avahi/PLIST.gtk 1.2
  D avahi/PLIST.pydbus 1.3
  D avahi/TODO 1.4
  P avahi/Makefile 1.15
  P avahi/PLIST 1.6
  P avahi/PLIST.pygdbm 1.3
  P avahi/PLIST.python 1.4
  P avahi/distinfo 1.9
  P avahi/ 1.7
  P avahi/patches/patch-ab 1.5
thomasklausner: Pull in glib2 and gtk2, leaked by some installed header 
  P avahi/ 1.2
asau: Remove patch-aa
  P maxima/distinfo 1.4
asau: Catch up recent additions.
  P maxima/PLIST 1.6
thomasklausner: Initial import of gtk-vnc-0.3.7. TODO: Not sure if it wo
  I gtk-vnc/DESCR
  I gtk-vnc/Makefile
  I gtk-vnc/PLIST
  I gtk-vnc/TODO
  I gtk-vnc/
  I gtk-vnc/distinfo
  I gtk-vnc/
  I gtk-vnc/patches/patch-aa
  I gtk-vnc/patches/patch-ab
  I gtk-vnc/patches/patch-ac
thomasklausner: Initial import of vinagre-2.24.1: This is vinagre, a VNC
  I vinagre/DESCR
  I vinagre/Makefile
  I vinagre/PLIST
  I vinagre/TODO
  I vinagre/distinfo
thomasklausner: + gtk-vnc, vinagre.
  P Makefile 1.3127
thomasklausner: Fix path to gtk-vnc.
  P gtk-vnc/ 1.2
  P vinagre/Makefile 1.2
thomasklausner: Remove share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache from PLIST, 
  P muine/Makefile 1.15
  P muine/PLIST 1.6
asau: Update to Maxima 5.17.0. Only comment out CVS-related parts to eas
  P maxima/Makefile 1.8
  P maxima/PLIST 1.7
  P maxima/distinfo 1.5
minskim: emacs-current requires fontconfig when the font-backend option 
  P emacs-current/ 1.11
leot1990: dwm-5.3 need this patch, indeed to use signal(3) we should inc
  P dwm/patches/patch-aa 1.4
leot1990: Update to 5.3. Changes (from Anselm R. Garbe's 
  P dwm/Makefile 1.9
  P dwm/distinfo 1.5
  P dwm/ 1.2
thomasklausner: Fix hicolor-icon-theme handling. Bump PKGREVISION.
  P tagtool/Makefile 1.7
  P tagtool/PLIST 1.4
thomasklausner: Fix handling of share/icons/hicolor and cache file. Bump
  P giggle/Makefile 1.5
  P giggle/PLIST 1.2
tnn2: Update to aircrack-ng-1.0rc1. (only build tested) Lots of changes.
  A aircrack-ng/patches/patch-ac 1.1
  P aircrack-ng/Makefile 1.6
  P aircrack-ng/PLIST 1.4
  P aircrack-ng/distinfo 1.7
  P aircrack-ng/patches/patch-aa 1.4
  P aircrack-ng/patches/patch-ab 1.2
minskim: xcb-proto requires python>=2.5.
  P xcb-proto/Makefile 1.6
shattered: Import synce-dynamite 0.1. Dynamite is part of the SynCE proj
  I synce-dynamite/DESCR
  I synce-dynamite/Makefile
  I synce-dynamite/PLIST
  I synce-dynamite/
  I synce-dynamite/distinfo
shattered: Import synce-orange 0.3. Orange is part of the SynCE project.
  I synce-orange/DESCR
  I synce-orange/Makefile
  I synce-orange/PLIST
  I synce-orange/TODO
  I synce-orange/
  I synce-orange/distinfo
  I synce-orange/files/
shattered: Import synce-kde 0.9.1. (Probably obsoleted by synce-kpm.) Sy
  I synce-kde/DESCR
  I synce-kde/Makefile
  I synce-kde/PLIST
  I synce-kde/TODO
  I synce-kde/distinfo
  I synce-kde/files/
  I synce-kde/patches/patch-aa
shattered: + synce-dynamite, synce-kde, synce-orange (last two commented
  P Makefile 1.3128

minskim: Set PKG_SYSCONFSUBDIR to handle conf files properly.
  P e17/Makefile 1.18
htepper: Various small pkgsrc related fixes almost everywhere. Use exist
  P openct/DESCR 1.2
  P openct/Makefile 1.11
  P openct/PLIST 1.4
  P openct/ 1.5
  P openct/distinfo 1.5
  P openct/ 1.7
  P openct/patches/patch-aa 1.3
htepper: Various small pkgsrc related fixes almost everywhere. Move mozi
  P opensc/Makefile 1.12
  P opensc/PLIST 1.6
  P opensc/ 1.4
  P opensc/distinfo 1.6
  P opensc/ 1.5
  P opensc/patches/patch-aa 1.3
thomasklausner: The icons cache belongs to hicolor-icon-theme. Bump PKGR
  P midori/Makefile 1.4
  P midori/PLIST 1.4
thomasklausner: Fix hicolor-icon-theme files handling. Bump PKGREVISION.
  P meta-tracker/Makefile 1.2
  P meta-tracker/PLIST 1.2
obache: Note SA32933.
  P linux-kernel/TODO 1.19
thomasklausner: pkglint: Fix WRKSRC to use PKGNAME_NOREV.
  P akode/Makefile 1.2
obache: Note SA32857.
  A rsyslog/TODO 1.1
thomasklausner: + digikam-0.10.0beta6 (needs libkdcraw from KDE 4.2), li
  P TODO 1.343
htepper: Fix build in NetBSD and some minor pkgsrc related fixes.
  A akode/patches/patch-aa 1.1
  P akode/Makefile 1.3
  P akode/ 1.2
  P akode/distinfo 1.2
  I spandsp/DESCR
  I spandsp/Makefile
  I spandsp/PLIST
  I spandsp/
  I spandsp/distinfo
  I spandsp/
x400: Import callweaver- as wip/callweaver. CallWeaver is a commu
  I callweaver/DESCR
  I callweaver/Makefile
  I callweaver/PLIST
  I callweaver/PLIST.mysql
  I callweaver/PLIST.pgsql
  I callweaver/PLIST1
  I callweaver/PLISTmysql
  I callweaver/PLISTmysqlpgsql
  I callweaver/distinfo
  I callweaver/files/
  I callweaver/
x400: *** empty log message ***
  D callweaver/PLIST1 1.2
  D callweaver/PLISTmysql 1.2
  D callweaver/PLISTmysqlpgsql 1.2
  A callweaver/TODO 1.1
  P callweaver/TODO 1.2
tnn2: sort and add a few missing package directories
  P Makefile 1.3129
jsonn: Fix build on NetBSD. Mark as DESTDIR clean. Fix PLIST. Bump revis
  A codeblocks/patches/patch-ac 1.1
  P codeblocks/Makefile 1.2
  P codeblocks/PLIST 1.2
  P codeblocks/distinfo 1.2
minskim: Remove references to xcb. This package currently does not build
  P evas/Makefile 1.25
  P evas/ 1.16
tnn2: Defer evaluation of TNMVER until after we know scotty(1) is in ${P
  P just/Makefile 1.2
tnn2: Update path for speex
  P linphone/Makefile 1.23
tnn2: depend on cdrtools instead of nonexistent cdrtools-ossdvd
  P gnomebaker/Makefile 1.9
tnn2: p5-Net-Amazon moved from wip to net
  P p5-Text-Hatena/Makefile 1.3
tnn2: p5-Test-Class moved from wip to devel
  P p5-PluceneSimple/Makefile 1.7
tnn2: remove wip/xvidtune (in x11/)
  P Makefile 1.3130
tnn2: remove wip/usbids (in misc/)
  P Makefile 1.3131
tnn2: remove wip/sex, was imported to games a while back.
  P Makefile 1.3132
tnn2: remove wip/strigi (was imported to sysutils/)
  P Makefile 1.3133
tnn2: g/c some hunspell dictionaries that have been imported to pkgsrc
  P Makefile 1.3134

tnn2: remove wip/p5-Net-DBus; newer version in pkgsrc.
  D p5-Net-DBus/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Net-DBus/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Net-DBus/distinfo 1.3
  P Makefile 1.3135
tnn2: Remove some p5-Catalyst* packages that have been imported to pkgsr
  D p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView/Makefile 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView/distinfo 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Devel/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Devel/Makefile 1.5
  D p5-Catalyst-Devel/distinfo 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Manual/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Manual/Makefile 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Manual/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema/Makefile 1.8
  D p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-DBIC/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-DBIC/Makefile 1.6
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-DBIC/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles/Makefile 1.5
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader/distinfo 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session/Makefile 1.7
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session/distinfo 1.4
  P Makefile 1.3136
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie/DESCR 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC/distinfo 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-StackTrace/distinfo 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple/Makefile 1.3
  D p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple/distinfo 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-View-TT/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Catalyst-View-TT/Makefile 1.9
  D p5-Catalyst-View-TT/distinfo 1.5
  D p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst/DESCR 1.2
  D p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst/Makefile 1.4
  D p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst/distinfo 1.3
minskim: Guess a platform-dependent directory name correctly.
  D evas/patches/patch-aa 1.4
  D evas/patches/patch-ab 1.4
  P evas/Makefile 1.26
  P evas/PLIST 1.14
  P evas/distinfo 1.11
minskim: No need to include unused files in PKGCONFIG_OVERRIDE.
  P evas/Makefile 1.27
minskim: Fix pkglint warnings: WARN: Permission [d] re
  P evas/Makefile 1.28
  P evas/ 1.17
thomasklausner: Update to 2.24.2: Vinagre 2.24.2 ============== Fixes
  P vinagre/Makefile 1.3
  P vinagre/distinfo 1.2
asau: Sort.
  P maxima/PLIST 1.8
leot1990: Update wip/dwm to 5.3.1. Changes: A bugfix release that includ
  P dwm/Makefile 1.10
  P dwm/distinfo 1.6
leot1990: No longer needed.
  D dwm/patches/patch-aa 1.5

minskim: Build the Graphite engine only. Wrappers will be provided as se
  D silgraphite/patches/patch-aa 1.2
  D silgraphite/patches/patch-ab 1.2
  D silgraphite/patches/patch-ac 1.2
  D silgraphite/patches/patch-ad 1.2
  D silgraphite/patches/patch-ae 1.2
  P silgraphite/DESCR 1.2
  P silgraphite/Makefile 1.2
  P silgraphite/PLIST 1.2
  P silgraphite/ 1.2
  P silgraphite/distinfo 1.2
minskim: Add silgraphite-ft and silgraphite-xft.
  P Makefile 1.3137
minskim: Support user-destdir.
  P silgraphite/Makefile 1.3
bartoszkuzma: No longer interested in MyServer.
  D MyServer/DESCR 1.2
  D MyServer/Makefile 1.8
  D MyServer/PLIST 1.4
  D MyServer/PLIST.control 1.2
  D MyServer/distinfo 1.3
  D MyServer/files/ 1.2
  D MyServer/ 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ab 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ac 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ad 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ae 1.3
  P Makefile 1.3138
  D MyServer/patches/patch-af 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ag 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ah 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ai 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-aj 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-ak 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-al 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-am 1.3
  D MyServer/patches/patch-an 1.2
  D MyServer/patches/patch-aa 1.3
bartoszkuzma: No longer interested in gdhcpd.
  D gdhcpd/DESCR 1.2
  D gdhcpd/Makefile 1.4
  D gdhcpd/PLIST 1.3
  D gdhcpd/distinfo 1.3
  D gdhcpd/patches/patch-aa 1.2
  P Makefile 1.3139
bartoszkuzma: Update to 3.21.9.
  A rsyslog/PLIST.common 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.common_end 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.gnutls 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.gssapi 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.mail 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.mysql 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.pgsql 1.1
  A rsyslog/PLIST.snmp 1.1
  D rsyslog/PLIST 1.3
  D rsyslog/TODO 1.2
  P rsyslog/DESCR 1.2
  P rsyslog/MESSAGE 1.2
  P rsyslog/Makefile 1.13
  P rsyslog/distinfo 1.4
  P rsyslog/ 1.4
thomasklausner: - tagtool, done.
  P TODO 1.344
thomasklausner: Try handling gdbm.
  P avahi/ 1.3
thomasklausner: Add missing build dependency on zip.
  P codeblocks/Makefile 1.3
cheusov: libmaa is now distributed as a separate tarball update to versi
  P libmaa/Makefile 1.14
cheusov: updated to version 1.11.0 Major changes: dictd tarball no longe
  D dict-server/patches/patch-aa 1.11
  D dict-server/patches/patch-ab 1.4
  D dict-server/patches/patch-ac 1.4
  P dict-client/Makefile 1.9
  P dict-server/Makefile 1.27
  P dict-server/Makefile.common 1.9
  P dict-server/distinfo 1.19
minskim: Reduce diff between wip/emacs-w3m-current and www/emacs-w3m.
  P emacs-w3m-current/Makefile 1.2
leot1990: Update wip/p5-PDF-Reuse to 0.35 Changes: 0.35 Mon Jul 3 2008
  P p5-PDF-Reuse/Makefile 1.2 P p5-PDF-Reuse/distinfo 1.2

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