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CVS commit: wip/jabberd2

Module name:    wip
Committed by:   schnoebe
Date:           Thu Aug 28 15:10:56 UTC 2008

Modified Files:
        wip/jabberd2: Makefile distinfo

Log Message:

Update to 2.2.4

      * [WIN32] libidn & gsasl downloads are now at GNU servers.
      * Fix a memory leak when using stanza rate limiting
      * Detecting unrecoverable stream errors on establishing an
        outgoing s2s connection. Refs #244
      * Do not offer compression if STARTTLS is required and not enabled
      * Return better error on STARTTLS required failure.
      * [WIN32] server.pem has to be permanent in order to not disappear
        on upgrade.
      * [WIN32] Put stats on the main folder of win32 distro too.
      * [WIN32] Cleanup win32 README a bit.
      * [WIN32] Don't override server.pem on upgrade.
      * [WIN32] Bump minor revision to 2.2.
      * [WIN32] Unfortunately we need to wait on services during setup
        or uninstallation and upgrades will fail.
      * [WIN32] Fix latest WiX 3 Beta compatibility.
      * [WIN32] Add TLS server certificate for default win32 c2s config.
      * [WIN32] Create initial SQLite database on build.
      * [WIN32] Add stream compression support and zlib1 dependencies.
      * [WIN32] Remove ENABLE_SUPERSEDED from projects, this is now part
        of config.h for win32.
      * [WIN32] Don't fail when service fails to start (Should popup
        ignore box)
      * [WIN32] Add udns library to setup.
      * [WIN32] Adding udns dependency in the README.win32
      * Implemented logging of compressed conection established. Closes
      * [WIN32] Change default SM storage driver to SQLite on Windows.
      * [WIN32] Use DES_crypt as a replacement for Posix crypt on
      * [WIN32] Add UDNS dependencies for linkage.
      * [WIN32] File must be opened as binary (only Windows affected),
        so fseek & ftell tells proper size for the buffer. With single
        "r" buffer will be too small.
      * [WIN32] generate configuration XML files out of dist files on
        build (using Perl)
      * [WIN32] copy default server.pem (localhost)
      * [WIN32] add Perl dependency to README.win32
      * [WIN32] Using SubWCRev from TortoiseSVN for version files
        generation, updating notes.
      * [WIN32] Enable USE_LIBSUBST for Windows builds.
      * Implemented My IP Address extension

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