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sox and cat-ing a pile of *.mp3

My probs:

sym-links: A.mp3 , B.mp3   -- No pics at beginning of *.mp3

sym-links: pics1.mp3 , pics2.mp3 -- HAS pics at beginning of *.mp3

sox A.mb3 B.mp3 FOO.mp3           -- THIS WORKS
sox pic1.mp3 pic2.mp3 FOO.mp3   -- THIS WORKS

If I mess these together, PROB!

    sox A.mp3 pic1.mp3 B.mp3 pics2.mp3 FOO2.mp3
    sox FAIL sox: Input files must have the same sample-rate

So, what happened, and how you I make this work?

I wish to make this to be part of a a PERL programming...

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