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Re: gtexinfo build error on OpenIndiana

On 12/23/22 11:05, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2022-12-23 at 15:36 GMT, Jason Bacon wrote:

This is just a heads-up in case this indicates a problem that needs to be addressed before the branch.  I only maintain an OpenIndiana VM for testing my own code and associated pkgsrc packages, so I'm not an expert on the platform and don't have much time to debug issues.  This issue could be specific to my installation, but I want to make concerned parties aware in case it is not.

At any rate, I stumbled on a nondescript error during build.  This has been happening for at least a couple weeks.

Going by the lack of errors and the timeframe, I'm almost certain that this is the libtool vs print problem that I changed a while back:

   commit 7dedb113724fcbc79eae06b116ee4f2bf29869c9
   Author: jperkin <>
   Date:   Tue Nov 22 09:15:51 2022 +0000

       mk/tools: Avoid print(1) when using bash on SunOS.

If you rebuild devel/libtool-base then the errors should disappear.  In hindsight I should probably have bumped libtool PKGREVISION, but this was a change to infrastructure so in theory every package should be bumped which is obviously not practical, however at least libtool would have avoided this more-noticeable issue.

Yep, that did it.

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