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Re: Bitrig support?

I've gone to the #bitrig IRC channel and I've gotten an answer. Bitrig is dead-dead. As you see in the ensuing logs, the IRC channel has 13 users incl. myself, none of whom I believe currently use Bitrig.

22/09 00:31.46 -> MelMalik a rejoint #bitrig
22/09 00:31.46 -- Le titre pour #bitrig est "All hope abandon ye who enter here."
22/09 00:31.46 -- Titre défini par ChanServ ( le dim., 14 août 2022 19:55:49
22/09 00:31.46 -- Canal #bitrig : 13 pseudos (1 op, 0 voice, 12 normaux)
22/09 00:31.48 -- Canal créé le lun., 02 déc. 2013 15:24:15
22/09 00:32.03 < MelMalik> That's definitely a topic.
22/09 00:33.27 < MelMalik> Charlotte Koch from pkgsrc writes on the pkgsrc mailing list, "does it make sense to keep Bitrig support in pkgsrc?" To the extent that there remains a
Bitrig community, I proffer that it makes sense to confront said community with this information.
22/09 04:00.26 <@drahn> essentially, no. there is no sense in keeping Bitrig support.
22/09 04:06.55 < MelMalik> thanks.
22/09 04:07.27 < MelMalik> and may I ask your relation to the Bitrig project, drahn ?
22/09 04:11.18 <@drahn> ex-developer (the only one left here)
22/09 04:11.54 <@drahn> the last work that occurred on bitrig was arm64 port which I was working on.
22/09 04:12.27 < MelMalik> thank you
22/09 04:12.39 < MelMalik> and do I have your permission to release this to the pkgsrc-users mailing list?
22/09 04:12.47 <@drahn> sure.
22/09 04:12.51 < MelMalik> thank you.

On 9/22/22 00:30, Ellenor Bjornsdottir wrote:
It appears that the last commit to their source gate was in 2017 (, and the website for the OS had its cert expire at ... Firefox says 5/9/2022 but I don't know if that's the 5th of Sept or the 9th of May.

Wikipedia claims that it was based on OpenBSD and that OpenBSD has merged most of their changes.

How different is Bitrig from OpenBSD?

On 9/21/22 23:07, Charlotte Koch wrote:

Does it make sense to keep Bitrig support in pkgsrc?

I have the feeling that Bitrig *in general* is somehow less used --
i.e., "more dead" -- than even the other exotic OSes which we support.
It's not retro or fun, it's just... gone. I know that sounds kinda
harsh, but it is genuinely my impression of things.

But maybe someone more clued in to the Bitrig, uh, ecosystem has a
better idea of what to do about it (if anything at all).


Ellenor Agnes Bjornsdottir (she)
jabber: ellenor ~on~

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