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Re: 'lintpkgsrc' trips over py-foo mismatches?

Am 13.09.2022 um 12:00 schrieb John D. Baker:
The updated "pkgtools/lintpkgsrc" trips over mismatched py-foo packages:

$ lintpkgsrc -rp -u

REQUIRED details for packages that could be updated:
nspr: nss firefox
py-expat:pkg_info: can't find package `py-expat'
Died at /usr/pkg/bin/lintpkgsrc line 1561.

I fixed it in lintpkgsrc-2022.09.14. Now lintpkgsrc no longer dies, it
just prints the errors from pkg_info, as it always has.

Lintpkgsrc never handled multi-versioned packages correctly. This
affects Apache, Lua, MySQL, PHP, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby modules.


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