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'lintpkgsrc' trips over py-foo mismatches?

The updated "pkgtools/lintpkgsrc" trips over mismatched py-foo packages:

$ lintpkgsrc -rp -u

Unlinking listed prebuilt packages
Version mismatch: 'gawk' 5.1.1 vs 5.2.0
Version mismatch: 'nspr' 4.34.1 vs 4.35,4.14beta1
Version mismatch: 'py-expat' 2.7.18 vs 3.10.7
Version mismatch: 'py-numpy' 1.23.2 vs 1.23.3,1.16.6nb5
Version mismatch: 'py-sqlite3' 2.7.18nb22 vs 3.10.7nb22

REQUIRED details for packages that could be updated:
nspr: nss firefox
py-expat:pkg_info: can't find package `py-expat'
Died at /usr/pkg/bin/lintpkgsrc line 1561.

Because "net/zenmap" still requires python27 and related py27-foo
packages, py27-expat-2.7.18 and py310-expat-3.10.7 as well as
py27-sqlite3-2.7.18nb22 and py310-sqlite3-3.10.7nb22 are all installed.

In an earlier run, it died on mismatched version of "py-OpenSSL" with the
same message. In that case, pkgsrc-HEAD had updated to py-OpenSSL v22.0.0
while my system still had "py310-Openssl-21.0.0" (only) installed.

Is anyone else seeing this?

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