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Re: Recipe to address cyclic deps for bulkbuild?

* On 2022-08-11 at 15:11 BST, Edgar Fuß wrote:

I do this for our builds with this file included into mk.conf:
I don't quite get how this works. Do you first build a fixed GCC version
and install that in PKGBUILD_GCCBASE (whatever that expands to)?

Yes. Effectively what happens is we use the previous build's pkgsrc gcc as a bootstrap for the current one.

Who sets PKGBUILD?

It's set by the mk.conf of the specific target, for example:

They're all generated from templates as there are a number of differences between each build, so this way it's easy to share files such as (though the NetBSD builds don't use it as they just use the native compiler).

All of this is implementation details though, the important point as far as this thread is concerned is that you just need some logic to ensure all packages required by your target GCC are built using an external compiler.

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