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Am 13.06.2022 um 19:38 schrieb Yosuke Kawasaki:
However, the code still failed to loop on any items in

Hmmm, that's strange. I tried your code using sysutils/checkperms, which
worked fine, at least on NetBSD.

Right below the '.include' line, you should add this line:


Then I had a look at mk/buildlink3/ again, which
has a list of directories that it searches for, in
BUILTIN_PKGCONFIG_DIRS. Do you have these directories, and do they
contain the files you are looking for?

The next step would be to sprinkle more of the '.info' lines into, to see what exactly is happening. I tried
bmake's debug log, and it was overwhelmingly verbose. So instead of the
full '-dc -dp -dv', you may try '-dc' only, and then add '-df' to see
what each .for loop does. If you ignore the special characters in the
debug output, you can at least see which directories and files are
tried. Maybe that helps.


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