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Re: Packages for SimH (simh 3, open-simh)

On Sun 05 Jun 2022 at 16:54:19 -0800, Michael Huff wrote:
> The last time I checked (2022Q1) simh builds the december 2021 version of
> simh, which is before the license change.

I recently updated it to 2022-05-01, which as it turns out, was the last
version before the change.

> If you update to the latest simh/simh github version you're going to want
> to probably require the user to accept the new (unnamed) license that was
> adopted for simh v4.

The plan is to leave it at that version, with a note about the license.

> I'm a user and not a developer but I hope that you all add simh-v3 and
> open-simh to pkgsrc. Currently I wouldn't touch "simh v4" post license
> change. That's just me, personally, however.

Yes I will add them to pkgsrc. They are already in pkgsrc-wip, if you
don't want to wait for that.

> Thank you for everything!

You're welcome.

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