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Packages for SimH (simh 3, open-simh)

Currently we have a package emulators/simh which is "SimH 4"; the
upstream is a fork from the older SimH 3 by Bob Supnik, but with lots
of contributions from its main maintainer plus various other people.

With Bob Supnik making more releases of SimH 3 (see ), and the license of SimH 4 being
changed to be non-open (see
and several later threads on the same list; essentially this was
triggered by ), and the release
of Open SIMH (see, there is now
the matter of how to deal with this in pkgsrc.

Currently, we have

- emulators/simh
  which we had for years. Now it cannot be updated further without
  getting a weird non-open-source license for the code (it is at the
  last point before the license change).
- wip/simh3
  Bob Supnik's recent release
- wip/open-simh
  The recently created fork of emulators/simh, splitting off from just
  before the license change (so at this moment it is nearly identical
  to emulators/simh).

The easiest thing to do would be to import the wip packages into pkgsrc
and leave it at that. However an few further courses of actions appear

1)  Add a big note to emulators/simh that it must not be updated to a
    later version
2)  Remove emulators/simh
3)  Simply replace emulators/simh with wip/open-simh, i.e. pointing the
    old package name at the new upstream

What seems to be the best thing to do? I tend towards 1) but I may be
convinced otherwise.

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