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Re: introspection option

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Some packages in pkgsrc have an introspection option that basically
> adds a gobject-introspection build dependency and installs more files
> (*.typelib, *.gir).
> However, this is not consistently applied. For example, PR 56755
> complains that when introspection is disabled for harfbuzz, pango
> won't build (because it unconditionally enables introspection).
> We could of course fix pango to honor the global introspection option
> (and probably would need to fix some pango dependencies next), but
> before doing that I wonder what the rationale is for turning it off in
> the first place?
> The build dependency doesn't look heavy enough for me to make this
> option worth the hassle.

I have never tried to turn it off.

I wonder if there is still a need; weight isn't a good enough reason but
"gobject-introspection" broken might be.  The pkg is pesky on macOS; it
fails when an older version is installed, but I work around that --
still not enough to disable it.

A way forward without churn and without foreclosing options might be:

  policy is gobject-introspection option is default on

  define that some package not honoring it is not a bug, but clean
  patches to add it are welcome

which amounts to a few lines in the guide and closing the PR.

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