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Re: Packages for SimH (simh 3, open-simh)


On Sat 4. Jun 2022 at 08:46, David Brownlee <> wrote:
Maybe the package goes away at some future point, maybe the licence
questions get resolved, but I really think it should not be updated in
the current state

From what I have read, there are two relevant changes:

1) The license change.  If you are unaware, see the part below line 32 in

This is IMHO the type of behavior the open source community as a whole should reject.  My personal choice would be to drop simh4, though from a practical perspective one could simply treat it as non-open.

2) The change to the disk format that started this (as far as I understand.)  Maybe someone here could clarify this point.  If the changes are incompatible, we should clearly point that out to the users.

In any case I think we should add an explanation somewhere so that users of simh can make an informed decision on which version to run.


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