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Re: upgrading/replacing devel/py27-setuptools (and esp other python things)

First off, a belated thank you for your reply and suggestions!

At Fri, 25 Mar 2022 15:34:07 -0400, Greg Troxel <> wrote:
Subject: Re: upgrading/replacing devel/py27-setuptools (and esp other python things)
> I have
>   DEPENDS_TARGET=         bin-install clean
> and removing things and rerunning mostly works,

I'm a little leary of bin-install -- and I'm OK with rebuilding things
extra times....

> as long as when you
> delete a package you mark things that depend on it with "pkg_admin set
> rebuild=YES", or unsafe_depends.

Ah, I didn't set rebuild=YES explicitly, but I did a global setting for
one more rebuild to test everthing...

>    Really the pkg tools should set
> unsafe_depends on depending packages when pkg_delete -f is used.

I think so too.

> Also  with -k, often the top-level package gets replaced which rebuilds
> lots of (this week) py39-foo, leaving a bunch of py38-foo or py27-foo
> that are no longer needed.
> So I frequently do 'pkgin ar' to drop things I don't need, and not trip
> over rebuilding them or conflicts with py27-foo and py39-foo.

In the end I just did this:

	# pkg_delete -r python27 python37

Then in my case at least the following needed a manual rebuild:

	mailman meson cvs2svn mercurial asciidoc bzr xentools413 rdiff-backup

Which my old pkgchk.conf should deal with.

One case where this didn't quite work was:

	# pkg_delete scons		# now installs as pyNN-scons

Also in my systems ghostscript-gpl is to be replaced by ghostscript-agpl, so:

	pkg_delete gv xv ImageMagick ghostscript ghostscript-gpl

Then reinstall the missing "primary" ones manually.

I also had a number of packages that were permanently gone

	# pkg_delete p5-Test-NoWarnings
	# pkg_delete p5-Test-Simple     # no longer present/needed?
	# pkg_delete p5-CPAN-Meta	# gone

	# pkg_delete kpathsea		# no longer needed?
	# pkg_delete radiusd-cistron	# gone
	# pkg_delete liblinear		# gone to the dark side (CMake)
	# pkg_delete rplay		# gone
	# pkg_delete iperf		# gone
	# pkg_delete smtprc		# gone
	# pkg_delete xcal		# gone
	# pkg_delete xanim		# gone
	# pkg_delete rx			# gone
	# pkg_delete xchat		# gone
	# pkg_delete go111		# gone
	# pkg_delete go112		# gone
	# pkg_delete heimdal		# needs ncurses?  also: I don't need a Kerberos!

Doing the first three (the p5-* ones) also did not remove their entries
from the perl-5.xx/+REQUIRED_BY file, though I don't quite understand
why not.

There were a huge number of other p5-* packages too that didn't get
replaced by the version rebuilt by pkg_rolling-replace, but rather the
updated version was simply added, so I ended up with a large number of
"duplicate" entries (i.e. two different versions) in the
perl-5.xx/+REQUIRED_BY file and had to manually remove them.

This also happened for gtar (duplicate gtar-base-* entries) and vim
(duplicate vim-share-* entries).

For these cases of duplicate +REQUIRED_BY entries I think maybe that
pkg_rolling-replace re-built the dependency (e.g. gtar-base) before
rebuilding the package that required it (e.g. gtar), and I think the
logic to fiddle with the +REQUIRED_BY file in
pkgsrc/mk/pkgformat/pkg/ is possibly suspect, though I don't
quite understand it all yet.

> It works pretty well.  You may have to pkgin export, remove things, and
> then pkgin add what you want.  I generate a summary file.

I haven't tried upgrading any binary-only servers with pkgin yet, but
will report when I do.

> It helps to keep a clean list of "keep" vs not.  (keep is true if
> automatic=yes is not true.)  And it helps to 'pkgin ar'.

Yes, I expect the "pkgin ar" will do the main cleanup of old pyNN things.

(though for my systems the setting for automatic=yes is only reliable on
systems that only have binary installs using pkgin)

					Greg A. Woods <>

Kelowna, BC     +1 250 762-7675           RoboHack <>
Planix, Inc. <>     Avoncote Farms <>

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