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Re: Seeking status reports on unusual operating systems

On 22/04/03 09:16AM, Greg Troxel wrote:
> Please place an updated README.Solaris in wip/bootstrap.

As I lack commit access, I take the liberty to submit a diff here:

--- README.Solaris.orig	2022-04-03 22:31:05.812588404 +0200
+++ README.Solaris	2022-04-04 00:36:28.199430610 +0200
@@ -89,6 +89,24 @@
 The corresponding 64-bit packages are also required to build 64-bit
 binaries and libraries.
+Oracle Studio 12 (IPS):
+	pkg:/developer/developerstudio-12[3-6]	studio
+	pkg:/system/library/studio-runtime	    Runtime Support For Solaris Studio
+This will install the whole toolchain, along with the observability tools and
+the studio IDE.
+If you want to select individual packages, make sure to have runtime libraries
+installed. For instance, on Studio 12.6, you can do that with:
+   pkg install --accept developerstudio-126/library/c++-libs \
+        developerstudio-126/library/c-libs \
+        developerstudio-126/library/f90-libs \
+        developerstudio-126/library/math-libs \
+        developerstudio-126/library/perflib \
+        developerstudio-126/library/studio-gccrt
 To build 64-bit binaries, pass '--abi=64' to bootstrap, and also see the
 crle(1) man page to configure the runtime linking environment.
@@ -101,6 +119,13 @@
 	    SUNWSPROBASE=/opt/studio12/SUNWspro \
 	    ./bootstrap --abi=64
+On Solaris 11:
+    env CC=/opt/developerstudio12.*/bin/cc \
+        SUNWSPROBASE=/opt/developerstudio12.* \
+        PKGSRC_COMPILER=sunpro \
+        ./bootstrap --abi=64
 When bootstrap is finished your default mk.conf will contain ABI and
 SUNWSPROBASE so you will not need to set these variables again.
@@ -111,8 +136,8 @@
 You should set the following variables in your mk.conf file:
 	CC= 	cc
-	CPP=	cc -E
+	CPP=	${CC} -E
+	CXXCPP=	${CC} -E
 Common problems

> I lean to thinking that our README.${platform}
> should exactly mirror that naming and if not it's a bug.  Currently this
> is platform/ and bootstrap/README.Solaris
> If you want to propose a split into platform/Solaris and
> platform/Ilumos, that's a big change and would need rationale on
> tech-pkg.  But I am unaware of a problem that it would solve.

I agree on a split foreseeably representing more harm than good. Illumos
is still binary-compatible with Solaris 10 u10 either way and effort is
still put in keeping a good degree of cross-compatibility.

What I meant with my earlier mail is that SunOS is a broad ecosystem and
if pkgsrc works very well on SmartOS, the same is not to be taken for
granted for other Solarish systems, especially if we take into account
the fact that Joyent keeps their downstream fork of illumos-gate. 

I just thought it would have made sense to report pkgsrc working with
more recent releases of Solaris 11 and Sun Studio.

> Thanks.  Please review what I just put in README.Minix3 and if it's not
> right, please put a fixed version in wip/bootstrap.

I revised it as follows:

--- README.Minix3.orig	2022-04-03 21:12:35.487512930 +0200
+++ README.Minix3	2022-04-03 23:40:42.978737177 +0200
@@ -1,10 +1,15 @@
 $NetBSD: README.Minix3,v 1.2 2022/04/03 13:01:34 gdt Exp $
-2021Q4 is reported to work with Minix 3.4.0rc6.
+2022Q1 is reported to work with Minix 3.4.0rc6.
+A pre-bootstrapped version of pkg_install - working but out of
+date - is provided with the base system, with $prefix /usr/pkg.
+The system also comes with pkgin preinstalled. 
 Use the `pkgin_sets' script to install the toolchain (clang 3.6), and
-the developer tools.  This provides a pre-bootstrapped version of
-pkgsrc that is working but out of date.
+the developer tools, which includes bmake. You can type 'n' when pkgin
+asks for confirmation to skip the EXTRA_TOOLS set and avoid installing
+outdated packages.
 Then, one can update normally ("bmake update" has been reported to

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