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Re: wm/ctwm without cmake

> So the one thing I do seriously ask pkgsrc maintainers and developers to
> do is this:  Please do NOT choose to use CMake for a package in pkgsrc
> if the package offers _any_ other _viable_ build system support!  If
> nothing else this will make me very happy of course, but I believe it
> will also help send a message to those package developers who appear to
> still be sitting on the fence, that the plain simple Makefile side of
> the fence has active supporters.

Sorry, but hard disagree once more. When I have the choice between
cmake and the unmaintained legacy build system, I will always choose a
build with cmake. Build systems bit-rot quickly, and I have zero
interest in deviating from the thing that upstream recommends and
eternally fixing it.

What's more, when you send bug reports upstream, they tend to ignore
you if you use any other build system than the standard. And I cannot
blame them.


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