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Re: wm/ctwm without cmake

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> This is the wrong place to share your patch for ctwm. I would instead
> send it upstream. The ctwm source is in launchpad,

I completely agree.  While I see cmake as a regression from
autoconf/automake, pkgsrc should not be trying to replace upstream's
build system.  The bloat is one thing, but the culture of OS-ifdefed
non-portable and rpath-messy cmake build scripts is in my view the
biggest issue.

I personally think trying to fight upstreams about build system choices
is not a good use of time.  Your call with your time of course.  I find
it more efficient to fix upstream cmakefiles.

With pkgsrc, we need to be mindful of the costs of such things: carrying
patches, especially the cost of bringing them forward, and the
difficulty of users reporting bugs to upstream who will ask that the
program be built with upstream's native build procedure.

If you just meant: I did this, and here it is in case anybody else wants
it, that's fine.

If you meant: please switch pkgsrc to use this, then I don't think we
should do that.

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