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guile 2.0, slib: removal proposal for guile-slib or guile22-slib

I have updated a few guile things recently, and it seems that:

  guile 1.8 is really crufty
  guile 2.0 is crufty
  guile 2.2 is old stable
  guile 3.0 is still in wip

I updated guile-slib to 2.2 not realizing there was guile22-slib.  So I
need to fix, but I am inclined to:

  make guile22-slib install as just guile, to match how guile22 installs

  allow a future guile30-slib to exist

  remove guile-slib because pretty much nobody is using guile 2.0.
  Either that or revert most of my recent change (homepage still moved ;-)


  This is a removal proposal for guile-slib for 2.0, before the branch,
  on the theory thatn it has no users.  Speak up if you use it.

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