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Re: deleting apparently phantom package

/ah, you got it in one.  Packages installed up to 15th February are
recorded in /var/db/pkg, those from 18th February in /usr/pkg/pkgdb.

What I did in between was to upgrade the machine from NetBSD-7.0 to
9.2.  The digest package is recorded in both, though different

But another machine I upgraded, this time from 8.0_RC1 to 9.2, has
all its packages recorded in /var/db/pkg.

How should I proceed?

Steve Blinkhorn <>

You wrote:
> On Wed 02 Mar 2022 at 15:59:39 +0000, Steve Blinkhorn wrote:
> > Done, but the problem persists.
> You may need to resort to this option to pkg_delete:
>      -N      Remove the package's registration and its entries from the
>              package database, but leave the files installed.  Don't run any
>              deinstall scripts or @unexec lines either.
> Or maybe you have a pkg database both in /var/db/pkg (and pkg.refcount)
> and /usr/pkg/pkgdb. In that case the administration of which packages
> are installed gets rather confused...
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