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Re: bulk build to use mksh or ksh instead of sh

    Date:        Thu, 24 Feb 2022 01:48:00 -0700
    From:        Boyd Lynn Gerber <>
    Message-ID:  <9q6o3ppn-qn44-5p7o-1767-2s39o1po8nos%mrarm.pbz@localhost>

  | I'm finding many build failures because of the first line in the files 
  | using sh.

If this is on NetBSD, and not some other system, and if you're on -8 or
later, I want to know what is going wrong.   (In earler NetBSDs sh had
quite a few bugs, though they rarely affected most things, so there anything
is possible).

  | If it uses either of the 2 below things build.
  | #!/bin/ksh
  | #!/usr/pkg/bin/mksh

If those are the choices, and if it is NetBSD, use mksh, ksh has too
many bugs.   How to make pkgsrc use it is for someone else to tell you,
though I think there's a bootstrap process that allows which shell to
use to be selected - some other systems also have problems with their /bin/sh (Chavdar Ivanov) said:
  | There have been some recent /bin/sh changes in -current, backported to the
  | release versions, something might have gone unnoticed.

While that is certainly a possibility, I'd like to hope that nothing that
gets sent for a pullup hasn't been fairly extensively tested, and quite a
few people do bulk builds I believe...   New stuff on the other hand (which
tends not to get pulled up) might be an issue I suppose, if this is using
NetBSD HEAD (though there haven't been many recent sh changes).


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