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Re: fvwm1

Vitaly Shevtsov <> writes:

> Is there any chance to get fvwm1 back to the pkgsrc?
> I really love this WM, much more than fvwm2 and fvwm3.
> Doing the same things, it consumes a lot less memory and it still
> looks gorgeous.
> I really miss it in pkgsrc.

Somebody might do this for you, but in general the path to getting
something you want in pkgsrc is:

  read the pkgsrc guide if you haven't

  sign up for a wip account

  create a package in wip

  when it passes pkglint and builds with PKG_DEVELOPER=yes, pester
  somebody here to import it

  (note that even if it isn't imported, it being in wip means you can
  build and use it.)

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