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Re: ghostscript-agpl build trouble

Frédéric Fauberteau <> writes:

> I tried a lot of '~/pkg/bin/bmake clean && ~/pkg/bin/bmake MAKE_JOBS=3 build' and I get the following error:
> gmake[2]: Entering directory '/home/triaxx/pkgsrc/print/ghostscript-agpl/work/ghostscript-9.55.0'
> ld: ./soobj/dxmainc.o: file not recognized: file truncated
> The incriminated target is in work/ghostscript-9.55.0/base/unix-dll.mak:
> $(GSSOC_XE): gs-so-links-subtarget $(PSSRC)dxmainc.c $(UNIX_DLL_MAK) $(MAKEDIRS)
>   $(GLCC) $(GLO_)dxmainc.$(OBJ) $(C_) $(PSSRC)dxmainc.c
>   $(GLCC) -L$(BINDIR) -L$(PREFIX)/lib -Wl,-R$(PREFIX)/lib $(LDFLAGS) $(O_) $(GSSOC_XE) $(GLOBJ)dxmainc.$(OBJ) -l$(GS_SO_BASE)
> I have the feeling that there is no precedence between the two recipes of this target and sometimes, the second can be executed just before the first in such a way that ./soobj/dxmainc.o has not been completly generated or not generated at all.

I don't think make is allowed to parallelize commands in one target.

> When I read make(1):
>        -O[type], --output-sync[=type]
>             When running multiple jobs in parallel with -j, ensure the output
>             of each job is collected together rather than interspersed with
>             output from other jobs.  If type is not specified or is target the
>             output from the entire recipe for each target is grouped together.

This is about showing the logs nicely, not about the actual order, as I
understand it.

> Would it be reasonable to define MAKE_JOBS_SAFE=no for this package? I
> don't think it's a big waste of computing time since the package is
> not that big .

Have you filed a bug with upstream?

I think you've more or less showed that something is wrong.  But I am
finding the $(GLO_) vs $(GLOBJ) confusing.

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