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Re: ghostscript-agpl build trouble

On Fri 07 Jan 2022 at 14:12:12 +0100, Frédéric Fauberteau wrote:
> The incriminated target is in work/ghostscript-9.55.0/base/unix-dll.mak:
> $(GSSOC_XE): gs-so-links-subtarget $(PSSRC)dxmainc.c $(UNIX_DLL_MAK) $(MAKEDIRS)
>   $(GLCC) $(GLO_)dxmainc.$(OBJ) $(C_) $(PSSRC)dxmainc.c
>   $(GLCC) -L$(BINDIR) -L$(PREFIX)/lib -Wl,-R$(PREFIX)/lib $(LDFLAGS) $(O_) $(GSSOC_XE) $(GLOBJ)dxmainc.$(OBJ) -l$(GS_SO_BASE)
> I have the feeling that there is no precedence between the two recipes
> of this target and sometimes, the second can be executed just before
> the first in such a way that ./soobj/dxmainc.o has not been completly
> generated or not generated at all.

I think that the order between those two lines of the recipe is well
defined. But after staring at it a bit (without further knowledge about
the Makefile), I notice that what I think is the object file differs in
the two command:

- $(GLO_)dxmainc.$(OBJ)
- $(GLOBJ)dxmainc.$(OBJ)

which looks weird.

A scenario that came up in one of the lists earlier was that the recipe
is, for whatever reason, running twice in parallel. So two processes are
creating the file ./soobj/dxmainc.o more or less at the same time, and
then when line 2 of one instance of the recipe wants to run, the other
instance has partially overwritten the file...

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