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Re: build failure for devel/scons

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> On Sat, Jan 08, 2022 at 10:24:54PM +0100, wrote:
>> Is this related - fresh build on pkgsrc from yesterday?
> The issue is that when setuptools is installed, a newer version of
> distutils is used than the one coming with python, and the PLIST
> doesn't match.
> So either
> 1. deinstall py*setuptools in your build environment (or just build in
>    a sandbox where only the necessary dependencies are installed)
> 2. or convert the package to require py-setuptools and fix the PLIST
>    for that.
> Usually, including instead of or does
> that, but some packages do not support the default settings we have in
> (Perhaps we should change those.)
> You'll have to fix that yourself in this case, since xentools415
> doesn't build for me, sorry.

I tried to build scons with slightly older setuptools and got a PLIST
mismatch.   Before writing to wiz@, I read the lang/python/, and
brought setuptools up to date, and then scons built ok.

I think scons now uses

I don't think it's ok for us to continue to have a situation where
builds fail with installed setuptools.   That might mean that distutils
packages have to build-depend on setuptools too but I'm not the least
bit sure I understand that correctly.

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