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xf86-video-openchrome on VX900/PM900

Via openchrome drivers switched from hardware tables to probing and in
the process broke support for newer devices.  This occurred at the time
use of that particular driver was declining and it languished for
several years.  A newly minted developer picked up the project and made
a number of commits that added function to VX900 and PM900 devices.

OpenBSD bumped their version with reports of VX900 function

I have a Everex Via C7 based laptop with a PM900 device which produces a
washed out, pale blue, maximally bright screen with OpenBSD current
driver and also any linux using xf86-video-openchrome version 0.6.0.

I tried installing a modular xorg and built the latest git pull after
installing the other modular components from nycdn but had a library
mismatch.  I took another tact and tried Arch32 which is modular and had
an AUR build for openchrome-git.  I built the latest pull and it works
on the Everex but modesetting needs to be disabled and on logout, the
xdm screen does not come back.  I also started to build modular xorg on
the Via c7 but the infrastructure (llvm/cmake) took days.

I suspect that git commit ab03de703b91c7e0fd3e4d1ca06ad5add7f077a1 will
add functionality to the VX900 and PM900.  My NetBSD amd64 box is off
and on but I have a fast Crux Linux/OpenBSD setup to cross compile for
i386.  I'd appreciate some pointers on the process - never done it

The larger question is whether NetBSD has other Openchome users that
could test?  I doubt that a NetBSD upgrade will occur from a single
user.  I've seen Frederic Cambus name on NetBSD code and he had the
VX900?  I've sent an email to him at the address from the OpenBSD
commit.  Hopefully this email could recruit other openchrome users.


J. Scott Heppler

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