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pbulk: Malformed conditional ((${_TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.flex} == "TOOL_DEPENDS")


as my build host ran out of memory, I had to stop a running pbulk. After allocation of more RAM, I tried to start pbulk again. This results in an error:

# /usr/pbulk/bin/bulkbuild
Warning: All log files of the previous pbulk run will be
removed in 5 seconds. If you want to abort, press Ctrl-C.
Removing old scan results
make: "/usr/pkgsrc/mk/tools/" line 151: Malformed conditional ((${_TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.flex} == "TOOL_DEPENDS") && defined(_TOOLS_DEPMETHOD.lex))
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue#

What am I doing wrong? The closest I could find was [1], but no solution.

Kind regards


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