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re: Does Gnome3 work? How to install?


I am not sure why, but gdm was moved to the pkgsrc-wip project.

If you search for pkgsrc-wip on google, one of the links has a
snapshot download.  Grab that, unpack it, wip/gdm is for gnome3,
wip/gdm2 is what you are likely used to, and seems to work just as
well as it ever did.

I use it as it allows for auto-login which works well for some
classroom kiosk machines we use for diagnostics.  I've not found
another display manager that does such.

I've not had luck with the new gdm, and haven't tried running gnome3
since the gnome in meta-pkgs changed to 3.  It had worked well when it
was -new-, but a lot of things seems to have moved onwards gnome wise.


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