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Re: gcc10 with Ada support added to wip

On Sun, 7 Nov 2021 at 16:08, Roland Illig <> wrote:
> Am 06.11.2021 um 15:33 schrieb Chavdar Ivanov:
> > Here is an excerpt from the output of 'make -d all patch' :
> The above command does not do what it looks like. The option '-d'
> accepts a list of characters:
> -a means archive debugging
> -l means to print the commands
> The option to turn on all debug logging is -dA, but that gets very noisy
> in pkgsrc. Just '-dl' seems a sensible choice to me.

Thank you; I don't remember why once I have used '-d all', it kinda
worked and that's what has got into my finger memory.

> Roland



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