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gcc10 with Ada support added to wip


for the past few months I have been trying to get GCC 10 co compile with
Ada support. For the past few years, the latest version available in
pkgsrc that had Ada support was gcc6-aux.

I have pushed the package to wip under the name gcc10-aux (following the
Aurora project tradition). The package depends on gcc6-aux explicitly,
meaning, it does not use the automatic compiler selection from pkgsrc.
This was done as a recommendation from racoon on IRC, since this could
allow gcc10-aux to become the defacto Ada compiler within the pkgsrc

I would like people to test it and review it as much as possible with
the hopes that it makes it into stable pkgsrc. All feedback is very welcome.

With an updated gcc10-aux, projects that depend on newer Ada versions,
should be now running. Mainly GHDL (VHDL compiler) cannot be updated to
the 1.0 version because of the current lack of a newer Ada compiler.
Also, the rest of the package ecosystem that Ada has, could start
getting ported to pkgsrc, mainly gprbuild (already built successfully
out of tree) and Alire (same there).

Regarding make test. The failing ACATS tests seem minor and they are
also failing in DragonflyBSD with "gcc11-aux", so I do not expect them
to have any impact on running code.

I must also thank J. Marino, who greatly helped on getting this up and

Fernando Oleo Blanco

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