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Re: netmask package at wip

Hi Fran,

Francisco J. Tsao Santín <>:
> I've just added the netmask [1] package to the wip repository. It is my
> first package, so I would be very grateful if someone reviews it :-)

Cool! Some small notes.

1. From `pkglint -Wall`:

  NOTE: Makefile:7: Trailing whitespace.
  WARN: Makefile:22--23: Please switch to "set -e" mode before using a
   semicolon (after "cd ${WRKSRC}") to separate commands.

(I'd write `cd ${WRKSRC} && ./autogen` instead.)

2. The first section of the Makefile can be simplified:

  DISTNAME=       netmask-2.4.4
  CATEGORIES=     sysutils

pkgsrc will correctly extract the package name and version number from
DISTNAME. By using PKGVERSION_NOREV you can avoid repeating the version

You can then also remove the WRKSRC line, it's inferred.

3. Some small nits:

 - Makefile: Whitespace before and after pre-configure:.
 - DESCR: 'This is a handy tool for...' can just be 'Tool for...', same
    with COMMENT.
 - DESCR: I'd remove all paragraphs but the first.


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