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macOS Monterey vs pkg_install

For anyone using my binary package sets, and anyone using their own pkgsrc installs on macOS Monterey, note that there is an issue when upgrading pkg_install where it will intermittently fail and result in a broken installation.

I would strongly recommend avoiding upgrading to this OS, at least if pkgsrc is important to you, until we can figure out what the latest Apple breakage du jour is (looks highly likely to be VM related again).

If you happen to have already run into issues, you need to unpack a binary package of pkg_install manually and then use the unpacked ./sbin/pkg_add to reinstall the package.

Sorry for the breakage. Unfortunately Apple have absolutely no desire to let us help them find these issues, even though I find serious bugs in every single Apple OS release of the past few years simply by using and building pkgsrc on them.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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