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Re: Python 3.6 retirement

> Now that we've got Python 3.10, I think it's time to retire Python
> 3.6. Many packages already dropped support for this version (like
> Numpy). It's problematic when it comes to reading UTF-8 files.

Regarding nia@'s point about Solaris 10, it would be nice for Solaris
people to comment on why newer python can't reasonably be made to work
by fixing either Python or Solaris.  Maybe this really is intractable,
but that would seem somewhat surprising.  Agree that the presence of 3.6
is not causing that much, if any, trouble, and that accomodating people
is nice if it doesn't hurt.

> We've got Python 3.9 as a default. Maybe we should go one step further
> and retire Python 3.7 as well?

Even if we drop 3.6, my reaction is that 3.7 isn't super old and it
feels fast to drop it.

It would be interesting to a bulk build or a few, identifying the count
of packages that do and don't build with 3.8.  Other than 3.8 not
running on some platform, I wonder how much there really are good
reasons to run 3.6 or 3.7 instead of 3.8, other than not having updated

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