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Re: building node packages.... zwavejs

Chavdar Ivanov <> writes:

>> I'd like to be able to run this on NetBSD and I feel like it's pretty close.
>> If I run yarn, only 3 modules fail, and it seems that it is because they
>> are a bit Linuxy but probably easy to adjust.
> It fails for me only in esbuild - a Go package which builds easily
> under netbsd-current amd64 by modifying the bits containing
> [Oo]pen[BSD|bsd] with [Nn]et[BSD|bsd]. The executable runs, but I
> couldn't figure out how to modify the local copy of node-zwave-js to
> make it use the compiled version.

Thanks; it didn't make sense at first that esbuild would be in go, but
apparently it is.  The docs blithely say that a "native" version is
installed, not even addressing the obvious question of how that could
possibly work in general.  The answer of course is that it simply does

I will try to figure out how to swap in the pkgsrc/wip/esbuild version.
That builds fine, and I didn't even see any Open/Net changes.   It seems
to me that the only issue is that there isn't a netbsd/amd64 binary in
the esbuild/npm/yarm distribution place.   Well, really that there are
prebuilt binaries instead of the main path expecting to just build it
from the go sources.

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