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Re: building node packages.... zwavejs

* On 2021-09-21 at 01:44 BST, Greg Troxel wrote:

What I don't understand, being new to node, is how sane it is to package
this and dependencies -- of which there seem to be hundreds -- vs some
other kind of work around.  And, the extent wo which doing any of this
within pkgsrc is sensible, and if not what the best approach is.

There's no way to do it within pkgsrc in a sensible way. The best way to handle this stuff is to pick a directory to install things to (for example your home directory), run "npm install ..." from that directory, and then add $directory/node_modules/.bin to your path.

Don't use "npm install -g" to install things to the global directory where npm/node are installed (so for example things show up in /usr/pkg/bin), it might be tempting but things break fast if they work at all (conflicts, EPERM issues if using sudo, etc etc).

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