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Re: Update Liferea 1.12.8 > 1.13.6 ?

Ottavio Caruso <> writes:

>> This is a situation where having a liferea113 package in wip seems like
>> it would be useful, at least to allow people to share the work of
>> maintaining an pkgsrc entry and patches to upstream for NetBSD and other
>> pkgsrc platforms.
> I've thought about that. The problem I have is: What if the package
> "proper" in pkgsrc changes and then the devel (1.13x) also changes? Do
> I have to keep track of both packages? For example, liferea 1.13 uses
> vector images as icons instead of png and this breaks something in
> *pixbuf*. A developer with commit rights puts a patch onto
> pkgsrc. Will I have to import the patch into wip or go my own way?

Basically you see changes made to the pkgsrc stable entry and adopt them
or not as you think best into the wip 113 entry.  This is basically the
nature of having a draft update that isn't ready yet.

I don't really follow "go your own way".

The wip entry would basically start off as a copy of pkgsrc, and then
udpated to 113 and then improved.  At any point, ideally it's "here's
what would be in pkgsrc if pkgsrc were updated".  And, we don't tend to
update to unstable versions unless upstream really has no stable
versions, and a little old is quite different from "upstream says nobody
should run the latest release".

Then, as improvements are made to the pkgsrc entry, those generally
should be merged to the wip entry, and this is typically done for the
person who created and is using the wip entry.

If there are issues where a package that depends on liferea needs to be
different from stable to wip, that's perhaps harder.

Basically when there is a draft package, there is work to keep things
updated, and I don't see a way to get rid of the work.  Copying a patcht
hat applies is quite fast.  actual merging of patches that don't apply
is more of course.

Totally up to you what you want to do.  I'm just saying that I think
these proposed updates are best staged in wip, to share the work, and to
make it easier to review and for anyone else to use them.

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