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Re: Installing Liferea glib schemas, was: Why can't I see/use plugins in www/liferea?

On 28/08/2021 11:59, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
On 28/08/2021 09:37, Thomas Klausner wrote:
On Sat, Aug 28, 2021 at 09:29:15AM +0100, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:
On Sat, 28 Aug 2021 at 09:04, Thomas Klausner <> wrote:


I've just enabled python3 support in libpeas by default.
I hope this fixes the original problem, let me know!

Not with python3.7, as it lacks  python-3.7-embed.pc as follows:

# See: man pkg-config

Name: Python
Description: Embed Python into an application
Version: 3.7
Libs.private: -lcrypt -lintl -lpthread  -lutil -lm
Libs: -Wl,-R${libdir} -L${libdir} -lpython3.7
Cflags: -I${includedir}/python3.7

Later python versions do have the corresponding file and should work,
but I haven't tried them.

I was able to build the package by placing the above file in
work/.buildlinks/lib/pkgconfig and rebuilding in place (rm
work/.configure_done work/.build_done; rm -r
work/libpeas-1.26.0/output; make).

I've changed the package to not allow python 3.7.

Thanks, that sorts the installation problem and Liferea runs fine and as expected, until I remove the Debian package and I lose all the schemas:

(liferea:28989): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 11:45:20.290: Settings schema 'net.sf.liferea' is not installed
Trace/breakpoint trap (core dumped)

I think I do have  the schema:


How do I install that?

I ended up copying the schema from /usr/pkg/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ to /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

# sudo cp /usr/pkg/share/glib-2.0/schemas/net.sf.liferea.gschema.xml /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

 # sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/

Not sure if this is the most elegant solution.

In any case, now I have a working liferea from pkgsrc :)

Ottavio Caruso

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