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Re: X11_TYPE=native problems with updated XQuartz

Jan Danielsson <> writes:

>    I just upgraded XQuartz and tried to rebuild all my packages
> (X11_TYPE=native), but am encountering:
> ----------------------------------
>    ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
>    ERROR: /opt/X11: X11_TYPE=native but xbase set is not installed
> (missing: makedepend).  Either set X11_TYPE to modular or install
> xbase.
> ----------------------------------
>    This is on macOS Big Sur (x86_64), updated pkgsrc minutes ago.  I
> tried installing devel/makedepend manually, but this didn't help.  (I
> assume it's because native is hardcoded to look for it in /opt/X11).
>    Never seen this one before -- I assume they decided to change
> something in XQuartz 2.8.1 which breaks pkgsrc's assumptions.
>    Unsurprisingly, setting X11_TYPE=modular works, but (also
> unsurprisingly) adds a significant amount of build time.

It is possible that the code which intends to check this on NetBSD is
misfiring and doing the wrong thing on mac.

See mk/tools/

So is there a makedepend provided by XQuartz?   I see
/opt/X11/bin/makedepend from older XQuartz.

I just removed /opt/X11 and installed 2.8.1, and indeed it seems
makedepend has been withdrawn.

So arguably that's a bug in XQuartz but I doubt telling them that will
be helpful.  Probably this requires some logic to say that there is no
native makedepend on mac.

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