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pkg_chk/pkg_rr still confused about "pyXX-foo" packages

Running pkg_rr on a amd64-9.99.87 system, pkg_chk makes the preposterous

rr> Installed: py37-gobject-2.28.7nb3

and subsequently complains that it needs replacing but is not installed.
Python38 is default and all related packages are "py38-foo".

Further, "py38-gobject-*" is not installed at all (although
"py38-gobject3-3.36.1nb1" IS installed).

What IS installed is "py27-gobject-2.28.7nb3".

Admittedly this is using pkgsrc-2021Q2 which everyone will say is not
supported on -current, but I doubt the above shenanigans are related
to that.

There is no mention of "python37" or "py37-*" anything in my pkgdb.
I ran 'pkg_admin rebuild{,-tree}' and the subsequent 'pkg_rr' run
was the same.

I'll try again on netbsd-9/amd64.  It usually complains about
"py38-sqlite3" needing to be replaced but not being installed (since
"py27-sqlite3" IS installed) but it never asserted that "py38-sqlite3"
was installed during the 'pkg_chk' phase.  Since building "www/firefox"
"py38-sqlite3" IS installed and it doesn't complain about that anymore.

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