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Re: "graphite2" dependency not built/installed automatically?

On Wed, 28 Jul 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:

> Did you make check/do?
>   you have no CVS conflict markers?

No conflicts reported by CVS.

>   no workdirs before you built (really none, not just not where you
>   think they matter)

My WRKOBJDIR was completely empty before rebuilding the affected pacakges.

>   pkg_admin rebuild-tree
>   pkg_admin check

These I did not do, nor think to do.  When my pkg_rr run finishes I'll
do them then.

There was no "graphite2" dependency for any of my usual complement of
packages when I did the original pkg_rr run to update to pkgsrc-2021Q2
a few weeks ago...

(Due to some essential web sites utterly failing to function with
'firefox52', I've had to acquiesce to building main-line 'firefox'.
Consequently, if I have to build "rust" for one thing, I'll use the
"rust" version of everything.  It really wasn't any worse than building
llvm/clang or GCC, resource-/time-wise.)

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